Universidad Catolica – A Sorare Preview

Universidad Catolica – A Sorare Preview

Sorare has announced yet another first,, their very first Chilean club and with it coverage of the Chilean top division. Universidad Catolica cards are now avaialble on the platform, I have decided to take a quick look at the roster and also the player statistics to identify if there are any diamonds in the rough.

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Universidad Catolica

Club Deportivo Universidad Catolica to give them their full name currently sit 9th in the Chilean Primera Division. They have an illustrious history and are the third most decorated team in Chile albeit with mainly domestic titles. Their big rivals are Universidad de Chile and Colo Colo. Catolica have actually won the last 4 Chilean Primera League titles so looks like potentially they are in a bit of a false position in the table. However are only 5 points back 9 games in which is nothing really.

It not easy to decipher their recruitment as the Chilean league isn’t on my list of mastermind subjects however looks like they lost their first choice keeper Matias Dituro to Celta Vigo on loan, a card that is also on the platform.

Before we get properly going just want to say its difficult for any of us to predict how they will far on the matrix given Sorare Data has so little on them. These are all at best my guestimations

Fernando Zampedri – Universidad Catolica – Sorare

The absolute pick of the players for my money, he has for the last two seasons been top scorer in the league leading the line for consecutive title wins. Zampedri in his career has scored 170 times in 390 matches a little under 0.5 goals per 90 minutes. However during his time playing for Catolica he has 61 goals in 95 games equalling 0.64 goals per 90. Initially a loan signing from Rosario Central after scoring 28 in 45 games he was soon signed up permanently.

Looking at the data he is definitely a striker in the mould of a poacher, does the majority of his work in between the width of the 18 yard box and is looking to lose his marker and grab a goal. Despite Sorare Data not having much on him the existing data I could get on him is encouraging.

Just in the Chilean Primera League he averages 0.67 goals per game, amassing an xG of 0.71 this coming from an average of 2.89 shots per game with an accuracy of 50.7. You can also see above his shot map for his last 75 shots taken minus penalties.

But he is an old skool style poacher and the rest of the stats reflect this and was not really anything else of note. He isn’t going to be 80 or 90 points every match but he will bag a tonne of decisive actions and will certainly be a very good option for the Champion America divisions.

Cristian Cuevas – Universidad Catolica – Sorare

This was the first name that jumped off the page when I first saw the squad list of players although not because of his massive talent so please temper expectations. Cuevas’ name may well be familiar to those of you who either played Football Manager around 8 or 9 years ago or are Chelsea fans. This young man made a dream move from O’Higgins to Chelsea in 2013 for a reported fee of £1.7m, after only playing 10 first team games. It wasn’t move made under massive fanfare from memory, never played a game for Chelsea and had a series of loans and ended up back in his home country and made the summer move to Catolica.

Honestly I have no idea if this guy will be any good for SO5 but I have included the passmap from his last match so you can have a look. He has only played 5 times for Catolica and 3 of those he did not even play a full 90. But he will get forward a lot, he definitely has a bag of tricks to beat a man and will look to get the ball in the box. He has averaged 6.27 crosses per 90 for Catolica but has only found his man 20% of the time but this is way too small a sample size to make a judgement either way but for a left back that’s decent output but lets revisit in 20 matches.

Ignacio Saavedra – Universidad Catalica – Sorare

I was looking through the players and this guy managed to get my attention, however firstly want to say this is Wyscout stats not Opta stats they do code things differently. First things first Saavedra is a defensive midfielder and he has spent his career at Catolica, he is now on the fringes of the Chile team and has a handful of caps.

Now remember I said Opta can code things differently, but the potential is here with this chap to maybe get the double-double and beyond. Averages 8.07 defensive duels per game winning 57% of the time, however of 2.5 aerial duels per game he only wins 40% of those. He averages 5.27 interceptions per game whilst attempting to recover the ball 9.25 times per game and is successful 35.2%, does like a yellow card and accumulated 11 which is unfortunate but only fouled on average 1.32 times per game. All these stats where from the 2021 season. This season is pretty much in line with those I just prefer a full dataset when discussing players I don’t know.

The Rest

Looking at the minutes from players one thing is evident rotation is rife at Universidad Catolica. Because we do not have SO5 scores in any kind of depth for most the players its difficult to give recommendations when their minutes may be managed week to week. My guess would be that Chile is a large country to traverse as is South America on the whole so minutes must get managed according to the schedule is my guess especially in positions that require a lot of running.

Either of the centre-backs are safe bets, although I would likely edge Lanaro as he seems to have the slight edge in defensive statistics although has missed a couple of matches so far this season, neither him nor his partner Buruaga are known for their offensive prowess so its a coin flip really.

Their are two names that will stand out to La Liga fans or Football Manager fans are Diego Buonanotte or Fabian Orellana both way past their best but doing a job here. Buonanotte more so than Orrellana this season as Orrelana played 9 minutes in the Super Cup and has not been seen since. Buonanotte is a River Plate youth product and was widely tipped for big things ahead of his move to Malaga back in the early 2010s. He played a full 90 in the last match vs La Serena however you have to go back to June 2021 for his last full match and that was in the Copa Chile, still last season posted respectable numbers 0.28 goals accumulating 0.14 xG, 0.38 assists and a little over 2 shots with an accuracy of just below 35%

One wildcard I am looking at is Diego Valencia, 27 goals in 118 appearances however last season was his break out year with 17 in 42 games, 14 of those coming in the league. He still sees rotation but not as much however only 1 goal so far in 8 appearances this season so one to keep an eye on.

Thanks for reading