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Top 5 Sorare Resources

Your Sorare experience certainly wouldn’t be the same without the additional tools. There are many tools out there to support your football knowledge and stay up to date with the Sorare environment. With Sorare having licenses all around the world; it requires you to stay up to date with so many leagues, teams and players. We would love to show you what our current Top 5 Sorare resources are to stay up to date with all of the news as efficiently as possible.

Sorare Data – Sorare Resources

Sorare Data is a third party data provider using data gathered from the public Sorare API. With the data at hand they provide a range of tools for you to carry out all kinds of research. 

The range of tools include:

  • Viewing previous auctions and offer prices for a specific player.
  • View manager statistics relating to the number of cards owned and the previous prizes won in past Game Weeks.
  • Look up player statistics such as their Player Scores from the previous 40 games, or the lowest price of that player on the Secondary Market.
  • A range of charts measuring various elements of Sorare.

You are also able to sign in to Sorare Data using your official Sorare account. This allows you to compete in cup competitions they run at various times. It will also recognise your gallery and whether you own particular cards when conducting research. 

This is a website you will find yourself naturally spending a lot of time on; if you have not checked it out yet, we thoroughly recommend it at

Sofa Score – Sorare Resources

Sofa Score is an Opta fed live scores service that is available via website at or app that can be downloaded on IOS or Android. They provide live scores, results, league tables and have many more features. 

A particular feature we love at SorareHub is the ability to follow updates of specific players. By doing so SofaScore will update you on any major action involving that player, such as whether they are in the teams starting line up, goals, assists, red cards and their match rating after the match has finished. This is a great tool to use to help keep on top of your players’ match involvement. It is also very useful to be able to see what fixtures are ahead in time; allowing you to prepare for future game weeks on Sorare.

Sports Gambler – Sorare Resources

Sports Gambler is a service that has originally been set up to aid bookmaker users with their gambling selections. However, at SorareHub we particularly love an element that is fantastic to use; helping you identify which players are injured or suspended for future Game Weeks on Sorare. To find this feature, simply go to You are then able to scroll down to view the different injuries and suspensions for each team from the league you have selected in the drop down menu.

This is great for helping you avoid any unnecessary DNP’s within your team entries, with high hopes of winning a prize of some description. This is also the resource we expect you to have not heard about before, check them out!   

Have you signed up to Sorare yet? click the image below or use our referral link here to sign up!

Sorare Official Discord Server –

If you are not already in the official Sorare discord server, you could be missing out on all kinds of excellent information. They provide a huge number of different channels for managers like yourself to speak about a huge range of topics. There are also channels created on there to answer any questions you have about the product, to receive announcements from Sorare themselves as soon as they are released.

Further channels we particularly love are the ‘transfer market’ channels ‘for sale’, ‘trades’ and ‘want to buy’. Which allows managers to let others know which player cards they are either wishing to purchase, or wanting to sell. You can then drop these managers a quick message to strike up a great deal for both you and the manager you trade with.

You can join the official Sorare discord server here:


SorareBot is a Twitter account in collaboration with Sorare Data, the resource we mentioned as our number 1. You may or may not have seen this Twitter account; it allows you to stay up to date with all cards sold over a given amount on Sorare. It provides what player was purchased, what season the card is from, the level of the card, the serial number of the card, which manager purchased the card, and most importantly the price the card was sold at in US dollars ($). 

This is an account well worth a follow to keep an eye on how much different cards are being purchased for on Sorare, helping you to gather further information without having to spend large amounts of time going through different player profiles to see what their last trading price was. 

We hope this Sorare resource guide is helpful and you find it useful. We are building an array of beginners content here at Sorare Hub. You can follow the link here for our SO5 strategy guide.