The Sorare Matrix: How Do Players Score Points In Sorare SO5

The Sorare Matrix: How Do Players Score Points In Sorare SO5

Sorare is a global fantasy football game where you can collect your favourite footballers in NFT form and use them to participate in tournaments to win prizes. In a previous article, “Sorare – The Points Matrix and Entering Tournaments”, we explained how the Team Score, Card Score and Player Score is calculated. In this article we shall really dive into the Player Score element. Therefore, you will be able to differentiate Player Scores in the future. 

Sorare Matrix Update

Since we wrote this article Sorare have now updated their matrix and tweaked how players score points, we have put a new article together covering the matrix and you can find that here

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The Player Score

In the most simplest form, Player Score is calculated by taking the Decisive Score and All Around Score and adding them together to give you your Player Score. We will look at how each of these elements are also calculated. We shall begin with the Decisive Score, which measures the players performance based around significant moments within the match. 

The Decisive Score

Every player will begin on level 0 of the Decisive Score table below. Therefore, a player that starts the match will instantly start with a score of 35. A substitute will also begin on level 0 but will start on 25 points once he steps onto the pitch. From there every player can move up levels for every positive action they are involved in; then also move down with every negative action.

In the table which displays the points scored for each Decisive Score level you can also see a row in which states whether the score is guaranteed or not. This can been explained by the following. If a player is performing at level -1 or 0, there will receive the respective Decisive Score points; if the player’s All Around Score is negative the Player Score will be less than the score of either 15 or 35.

Decisive Actions

For example, if Cristiano Ronaldo has no negative or positive Decisive Score actions he will remain on level 0 and will score 35 points for doing so. However, if he has an All Around Score of -10 due to giving the ball away so many times, then his final Player Score will be 25 points.

On the other hand, if a player has a positive Decisive Score action, this then results in the player to be at level 1; they then cannot fall below a Player Score of 60. If they are to score negatively on the All Around Score matrix their Player Score will remain at 60 points. However if they have a positive All Around Score then you would simply add the All Around Score to the points received from the Decisive Score level. The third table below shows further examples of this breakdown and how the Player Score is calculated.

All Around Score

The All Around Score is calculated by the sum of all of the points score for various actions on the pitch. The actions that are scored can be viewed in the tables below which are sorted by category. You will also see different positions score slightly differently to others for some actions. We won’t be covering every one of these actions but we will discuss some of the more interesting ones; these can have a real impact on the Player Score, that may make or break your game week.

The General Category

The ‘General’ category is nothing too exciting and do not feel any of those actions will lead to large consequences of any nature. The yellow card can obviously hurt the All Around Score; however the number of fouls won or fouls committed shouldn’t have too much of an impact. It is unlikely a player that is performing well is committing a lot of fouls as it is likely they are doing well due to having the ball frequently; thus not having to make many tackles to be able to commit any fouls.

The Defending Category

The ‘Defending’ category is far more interesting and has few talking points to analyse. The first talking point is the 10 points for Defenders for the clean sheet. This is the second highest possible action on the All Around Score points table. It becomes much more interesting when you consider it is possible to stack a Goalkeeper and two Defenders in the same S05 team and all receive points for keeping a clean sheet. This would result in 10 points each for the Defenders; it would also give the Goalkeeper an additional positive Decisive Score action, so potentially a 25 point gain. Therefore, a total of 45 points could be gained for stacking a defence that keeps a clean sheet.

Double, Double or Triple, Triple

This alone would set you well on your way to winning a prize and 45 points; it would give you around 15% of the Team Score required to win a prize in some tournaments on average. This is also without considering the card bonuses that further improve your position. The second element of the ‘Defending’ category that is the three actions known as the ‘Double Double’, ‘Double Triple’ and ‘Triple Triple’. However, what is a ‘Double Double’ or a ‘Double Triple’? The ‘Triple’ is made up of three individual actions. A tackle won, net duals won, and an interception.

The ‘Double’ is made of any two of those three actions. Leading on, this tells us that a ‘Double Double’ is two of any two of the three actions. For example two tackles won and two interceptions. A ‘Double Triple’ is two of all three actions. A ‘Triple Triple’ of course being all three actions three times in a single match; this scores a whopping 12 points for doing so on top of the individual points for each action. Therefore, if a Defender is to complete a ‘Triple Triple’ and keep a clean sheet; It will be a minimum of 34.5 All Around Score points for that player. Add this to the 35 base Decisive Score and you really are looking at a 85+ score with other positive elements which is top class! 

The Passing Category

There are two areas of the ‘Passing’ category that can also really increase the score of your players, ‘Big Chance Created’ and ‘Key Pass’. Playmakers will be able to perform multiples of these within games, which also open the door to a potential assist. These are players that are likely to attempt numerous final third passes in games. I would suggest doing research into players that are playmakers. These players are trusted with the ball more often in the final third; are more likely to make a defense splitting pass for their team to get on the scoresheet.

The Attacking Category

The ‘Attacking’ category has two actions which can turn a score either way. Multiple shots on target will reward your player with 3 points each time. However, if your player does perform a ‘Big Chance Missed’ it could really swing you the other way as you have gone from a potential goal and a level up on the Decisive Score table to losing 5 points and leaving you with that ‘if only’ feeling.


The final category is the ‘Goalkeeping’ category in which on the face of it feels as if Goalkeepers have numerous high scoring actions available to them. However, they are not players in which have these action occur very often in a game. Goalkeeper’s may only see 3 to 5 shots on average a game and if they do concede one or two goals then it becomes rather improbable they are able to redeem themselves on the Player Score front. However, you do have the occasional performance from Goalkeepers in which they act as a brick wall; also bagging themselves a clean sheet. The positive Decisive Score involvement to really help out your S05 team in bagging a prize.

Perhaps accessing fixtures and picking the keeper in which you feel is most likely to keep a clean sheet is the best strategy to performing well in your S05 tournaments. On the other hand, you may not be so fortunate to have the choice between Goalkeepers and you have to pray they keep everything out that comes their way.

We hope this breakdown helps you focus on which elements of the scoring matrix can really help you. If you have any further questions or wish for us to analyse a particular performance or performances or a player then feel free to give a message on any of our social media platforms and will be more than willing to share our thoughts with you and the Sorare community.

Thank you for reading, if you are new to Sorare why not try our beginners guide here.