The Community Gallery – Game Week 254 Report

The Community Gallery – Game Week 254 Report

In Game Week 254 we hope to follow on from the recent successes we have experienced. So far winning 7 prizes from a possible 9 entries has been fantastic, with a couple of higher tier prizes also. It looks like our gallery purchases haven’t been too bad at all.

What is the Community Gallery & How Can I Get Involved?

The Community Gallery began with the idea that I (Karl), would invested 1 Ethereum into a collection of Limited cards. Using this collection I will enter the Limited tournaments with line ups heavily influenced by active members of the Sorare Hub Discord Server. Prizes would be offered to those that helped contribute to the selection process and top the leaderboard.

It is completely free and anyone can get involved in the Community Gallery and stand a chance of winning some extra rewards each Game Week. All you have to do is join the Sorare Hub Discord Server, which can be done here. Once you have joined the server, by participating in conversation and engaging with the chat you are able to qualify for an ‘Active’ status role. This role gives you access to exclusive Discord Channels, with one being the Community Gallery channel. I would argue it has been the most popular channel in the server due to the success of the collection.

Game Week 252 Team Selection

The image below displays the different options available to select for the weekend. There are two additions in the form of Alejandro Pozuelo purchased for 0.04 ETH, and Brian White, won as a reward in Game Week 252. We also sold a Lucas Zelarayan for 0.16, which is almost four times as much as we purchased him for.

Game Week 252 Team Submissions

The team submissions generated by the total number of votes for each player within each tournament are shown below. Therefore, majority rules for the tournament entries in this Game Week.

Game Week 254 resulted in just the one prize, a Tier 2 from the U23’s lineup. The Champion America lineup was incredibly close from winning a reward, being just 2.18 points away.

The Review

Jesus Ferreira has finally got off the mark, and has done so with a bang! It is great to see our most expensive asset deliver what we purchased him for, and supported with a few other reasonable scores. Djordje Mihailovic has been a very good performer, and is clearly one of Montreal’s biggest assets.

Walker Zimmerman is proving why he is also a premium card on Sorare in the American region with another very very good score. It is just a shame that the score was put to waste this Game Week. Choosing Gallese in goal would have solved this issue.

Josef Martinez is also hitting decisives on a regular basis. This is fantastic and hope it continues throughout the season as I expect Atlanta to have a decent go at it this year.

However, Reynoso has let the side down again and we are still waiting on him to record a decisive action and post a 60+ score. On the other hand, Alejandro Pozuelo’s debut for the gallery was a promising one and I am sure we will see many more green scores from him.

Overall, I am happy with the gallery. It is clear that the gallery is able to win mutliple prizes within each MLS Game Week, it is down to us to build the correct lineups.

The Prizes

Just the one Tier 2 prize to shout about this Game Week. Although, it is one that could have a lot of potential to play a big part for us in the future.

Mohamed Camara, the Salzburg midfielder appears to have an engine on him and invovled all over the pitch. His impressive scores from looking at the data seem to come from the large amount of defensive actions. Playing for Salzburg who are also very ball dominant allow him to really bolster his AA scores. After speaking to Mr Austria himself (@SorareAustria on Twitter), he could be a real asset.

Due to just the one prize, for the first time, we shall be giving 0.01 ETH to the winner this week.

Below shows the table of results for Game Week 254. Astro was crowned champion again due to his lineups would have placed for two prizes this Game Week. Clearly he has an eye for this kind of thing, winning prizes in three out of four weeks! I will be taking great notice of your next line up.

Once again I really appreciate everyone getting invovled. Time to review the gallery and see if we can improve after the international break.