The Community Gallery – Game Week 252 Report

The Community Gallery – Game Week 252 Report

In Game Week 252, we look to carry on the streak on winning prizes. We have currently won 5 prizes out of a possible 6 entries! New additions to the gallery have caused us to witness greater variation of submissions. This is a theme that I have no doubt will continue.

What is the Community Gallery & How Can I Get Involved?

The Community Gallery began with the idea that I (Karl), would invested 1 Ethereum into a collection of Limited cards. Using this collection I will enter the Limited tournaments with line ups heavily influenced by active members of the Sorare Hub Discord Server. Prizes would be offered to those that helped contribute to the selection process and top the leaderboard.

It is completely free and anyone can get involved in the Community Gallery and stand a chance of winning some extra rewards each Game Week. All you have to do is join the Sorare Hub Discord Server, which can be done here. Once you have joined the server, by participating in conversation and engaging with the chat you are able to qualify for an ‘Active’ status role. This role gives you access to exclusive Discord Channels, with one being the Community Gallery channel. I would argue it has been the most popular channel in the server due to the success of the collection.

Game Week 252 Team Selection

The image below displays the different options available to select for the weekend. With a few new additions it is likely to see variations in line-ups take place.

Game Week 252 Team Submissions

The team submissions generated by the total number of votes for each player within each tournament are shown below. Therefore, majority rules for the tournament entries in this Game Week.

This Game Week saw a mixed bag of results, with the U23 team a decisive action away from a prize also. This means we have now won seven prizes from a possible nine entries!

The Review

The goalkeepers as a whole put in a decent performance. None of them managed to secure a clean sheet as Charlotte scored their first goal against Guzan’s Atlanta. However, Guzan was still able to put in a very impressive AA score to achieve an overall score of 64.4 points. Hasal was also able to build up a very respectable AA score as he will be facing plenty of action this season with Vancouver looking like they could be the battering boys of the West Conference if they aren’t careful. Gallese conceding 2 against Cincinatti was a shock with how poor they have started. Willis, who wasn’t used put in a score of 48.1 against Dallas.

This Game Week witnessed a lot of average scores as previously mentioned. Lucas Zelarayan is absolutely flying. Yimmi Chara is becoming a huge favourite of mine as he has three decisive actions in as many games for Portland. Walker Zimmerman is also a player that has justified his price, he is clearly a very solid defender and I’m sure will continue to score very well for us. Josef Martinez was able to find the back of the net from the penalty spot also. Lastly, Mihailovic was able to grab an assist as he came off the bench due to midweek duties for Montreal.

There are a number of players we are yet to see in full flow. Jesus Ferreira is clearly one as he is yet to score a decisive action. I have no doubt that he will find his scoring boots sooner rather than later and is still the galleries most expensive signing to date at 0.17 ETH. John Tolkin is another than is yet to hit the higher end of the S05 scoring matrix, which is a little surprising given Red Bull’s impressive start to the season.

The Prizes

A Tier 2 was won from the Champion America entry, and a Tier 3 was won from the Global All Star entry. The rewards for this can be displayed below.

Brian White being a Tier 2 reward is a returning forward for the struggling Vancouver. Hopefully he is able to help them out on his return from injury. Depending on the alternative forward options and how he looks, we may look to shift him on when he starts playing and becomes more desirable.

Wilhelm Vorsager is a central midfielder for FC Flyeralarm Admira in the Austrian Bundesliga that will feature regularly.

With two prizes being won this Game Week, Wilhelm Vorsager will be given away to the 2nd place submission, and 0.01 ETH awarded for topping the leaderboard.

The bit I’m sure you are all interested in, the submission results. Congratulations to Sav2000 who has now claimed his second prize of the Community Gallery due to his involvement. I would also like to thank him for his constant involvement in the general Sorare chat throughout the server. Astro is also able to clinched 2nd place and earn himself a player I am sure he is more familiar with than the rest of us. Astro is a Austrian league specialist, you can find his Twitter @SorareAustria. He is also a great asset to our community and nice to see him rewarded.

A few others were very close to winning either prize. It is often just a captain choice that decides it. Bullstar on the other hand will be hoping for a better week coming up.

I really appreciate everyone getting involved, active numbers seem to be increasing each week and I hope submissions will too. If anyone has any further questions on the Community Gallery then by all means drop me a message. Hopefully it won’t be long before we start experiencing midweek submissions.