The Community Gallery – Game Week 250 Report

The Community Gallery – Game Week 250 Report

As requested, the Community Gallery reports will be written in a blog format. Within this blog we shall cover what the Community Gallery is, how you can get involved in the Community Gallery, and how it has performed in Game Week 250. In my totally unbiased opinion, it’s definately worth checking out.

What is the Community Gallery?

The Community Gallery begin with the idea that I (Karl), would invested 1 Ethereum into a collection of Limited cards. Using this collection I would enter the Limited tournaments with line ups heavily influenced by active members of the Sorare Hub Discord Server. Prizes would be offered to those that helped contribute to the selection process. Previous to this, I did not compete in any of the Limited tournaments. However, with the MLS just around the corner, I began purchasing cards based off of my own research, and the help from the Sorare Hub Discord Server. The first Game Week the Community Gallery was in action was Game Week 248. In that Game Week, we won two Tier 1 prizes, Hulk and Joe Willis. These rewards were sold to increase the amount of funds held to improve the gallery.

How Can I Get Involved?

It is completely free and anyone can get invovled in the Community Gallery and stand a chance of winning some extra rewards each Game Week. All you have to do is join the Sorare Hub Discord Server, which can be done here. Once you have joined the server, by participating in conversation and engaging with the chat you are able to qualify for an ‘Active’ status role. This role gives you access to exclusive Discord Channels, with one being the Community Gallery channel. I would argue it has been the most popular channel in the server due to the success of the collection.

Game Week 250 Team Selection

The image below displays the different options available to select three line-ups. At this stage the options are relatively limited, but there is still a lot of quality in there.

Game Week 250 Team Submissions

Below are the team submission generated by the total number of votes for each player within each tournament. Therefore, majority rules for the tournament entries in this Game Week.

As you can see from both the Player Scores and Team Scores, it was a very successful Game Week winning three prizes from three team entries. This also brings us up to winning five prizes from a total of six team entries across the two weekend Game Weeks. The prizes will be revealed further on.

The Review

Of course you cannot play multiple goalkeepers in one team, but all three selected goalkeepers kept a clean sheet. Thomas Hasal and Bill Hamid having excepting performances. Hamid and Gallese also keeping their second clean sheet in as many games this season. Nothing special came of any of the defenders, but further up the pitch we saw some magic.

Lucas Zelarayan has produced outstanding performances in his previous two games, with 3 goals and 1 assist to his name already. It’s clear to see he is what makes Columbus tick! He also captained both line-ups, which means the best possible captain choice was made.

Yimmi Chara. What a man this guy is! He has scored two goals this season so far, both of these have been bicycle kicks! These are definately worth a watch.

The Prizes

Two tier 3 prizes and one Tier 0 prize was won as a result of the team scores. Troupee from the U23 prize pool, Bou from the American prize pool and Sekine from the Global All Star prize pool.

Both Troupee and Sekine will be given away to the community members that placed 2nd and 3rd in the selection leaderboard. For finishing 1st, 0.02 Ethereum will be awarded.

Gustavo Bou will remain in the gallery as he suits the composition and New England have same great fixtures coming up where he will contribute to winning further prizes down the line.

Finally, the selection results. Due to there being 8 entries, for placing 1st within a region will be rewarded with 8 points. Each place further down reduces the number of points received with 8th getting just 1 point. The table below displays the results. Astro came out on top, placing 2nd in the U23 and Global All Star regions. Daithie and PJ009 tied with 16 points each overall. However, 2nd place was awarded to PJ009 due to the greater number of total points accumulated for his selections. Therefore, this came down to being as close as the captain choice being the difference.

I massively appreciate everyone getting involved and I’m sure we will have an increasing number of entrants each possible Game Week. By discussing teams and players collectively, this gallery has performed really well so far, and there is nothing stopping anyone from copying this gallery structure and line-ups to share the success.