Sorare – The Points Matrix and Entering Tournaments

Sorare – The Points Matrix and Entering Tournaments

The Sorare points matrix can be a complicated beast. However If you want to retain maximum utility it is imperative to make an effort to understand it. This Sorare Hub guide will introduce the Sorare Points Matrix and also the construction of tournaments.

Aside from collecting our favourite players on Sorare as collectibles; the utility of a player is created due to being able to enter tournaments. This creates the opportunity to win further players as prizes. There are numerous tournaments that can be entered each game-week; thus creating multiple opportunities each week to win further players if your team finishes within the prize bracket. Although, to understand how to finish as high up the tournament leaderboard as possible; understanding how players score points would be a great place to start.

The Sorare Scoring Matrix

  • Player Score (PS)
    • Calculated based on real life performances of the player during a game, ranging from 0 to 100.
    • This is further broken down in two further elements, Decisive Score (DS) and All Around Score (AA).
    • Decisive Scores are based on statistics that have a direct impact on the match result, such as a goal, assist or clean sheet.
    • All Around Scores are based on major statistics during a live game; these are less obvious to track than those used to calculate the Decisive Score.

The image below displays Mbappe’s Player Score Breakdown from a given game week.

  • Decisive Score: 70 + All Around Score: 18.3 = Player Score: 88

  • Card Score (CS)
    • Card Score is simply calculated by this simple formula: Card Score (CS) = Player Score (PS) x (1 + Bonus %)
    • Therefore, taking the card below and the score aScobove the Player Score (PS) would be 88 x 1.05 = 92.4.

  • Team Score (TS)
    • Team Score is just the total off all 5 Card Scores.
    • E.g. 60 + 55 + 55 + 50 + 40 = Team Score: 260
    • Team Scores are then compared to other participants to create a leaderboard.

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How Do Bonuses on Sorare Work?

It is important to explain how bonuses work. This is also very simple:

  • Captain: 20% additional bonus
  • Season Bonus: 5% bonus if the card is from the current season
  • Level Bonus: Depending on the XP your card has gained and it’s scarcity.
    • Rares: Start at level 0 with a maximum of 20 – bonus range: 0 to 10%
    • Super Rares: Start at level 40 with a maximum of 60 – bonus range: 20 to 30%
    • Uniques: Start at level 80 with a maximum of 100 – bonus range: 40 to 50%

Additional Sorare Resources

Our friends over at (@SorareData – Twitter) have created a free to use service. This allows you to dive into some further Sorare research; player Scores, showing average Decisive and All Around Scores of players that can be sorted into ranking order.

  • Go to “Rankings” and then “Player rankings”.

We also plan to bring out further analysis of Player Scores on Sorare in the future here on SorareHub; for those who are looking to take their research to the next level and perform even better in future tournaments. 

Sorare Tournaments

With Player Scores in mind we can now look at how to enter a tournament and what that involves. Each tournament requires you to enter a team of 5 player cards. It consists of a Goalkeeper,

You will also need to select your captain. We covered this earlier in the blog that your captain receives an additional 20% bonus to his Player Score.

Tournaments take place two times a week:

  • From Friday 13:00 UTC to Tuesday 13:00 UTC
  • From Tuesday 13:00 UTC to Friday 13:00 UTC

If you are using Sorare’s Discord Server you can find the month’s tournament schedule under the “sorare-calendar” section.

Furthermore, Sorare have multiple types of Leagues and Divisions to enter which is built around the following structure:

The Sorare Global Structure

  • All Star League: The All-Star League contains 4 Divisions in which you can play cards with players from any combination of leagues.
    • Under 23 League: The Under 23 League contains 4 Divisions in which you can only use players that are 23 or under as of July 1st, 2020.
    • The Rookie League:  The Free-To-Play Rookie League where New Managers can play for 8 Game Weeks with common cards and up to two rare cards.

The Sorare Regional Structure

  • European Champions League: The European Champions League contains 4 Divisions. Entry is limited to players representing teams in the top 5 European football leagues: Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1.
    • American Champions League: The European Champions League contains 4 Divisions. Entry is limited to players representing teams in the American leagues. This includes MLS, Superliga Argentina, Liga MX, Colombian Primera A, Brasileiro Serie A.
    • Asian Champions League: The Asian Champions League contains 4 Divisions. Entry is limited to players representing teams in the Asian leagues we cover: J.League, K League, Chinese Super League.
    • European Challenger League: The European Challenger League contains 4 Divisions. Entry is limited to players representing teams from teams outside the top 5 European leagues. The leagues currently covered are Portuguese Liga, Russian Premier League, Eredivisie, Belgium Pro League, Scottish Premiership, Turkish SuperLig, English Championship.

The Sorare Special Structure

  • Training League: In the Training League you can play with any combination of cards
    • Special Events: Weekly Challenges can be played with any combination of cards (Unique, Super Rare and Rare) Must fulfill the eligibility criteria for the Challenge.

The Global and Regional Structures on Sorare have 4 different divisions. The image below shows the scarcity structures for each division.

  • You must own all players selected at the game week deadline. Once the deadline has passed, you are safe to sell any selected player(s) as their score will still count.

We also wish you all the best with your tournament entries. It would be great to tag us in your rewards over either Twitter: @SorareHub or Instagram: @sorare_hub 

Good Luck!