Sorare Rookie League – Getting Started

Sorare is a blockchain fantasy football game that utilises NFT technology to give users ownership of the cards they use in bi-weekly tournaments. However, getting started can be daunting, but we’ll explain how easy it is to get started on Sorare. The Sorare Rookie League is now a permanent fixture, so you can now play for free forever! To get started on the Sorare Rookie League see the steps below!

First Steps

  1. Sign up to Sorare! Simply go to the site (here) and sign up. You’ll need to verify your email address and create a password; but other than that – it’s as easy as can be. 
  2. Choosing your starter teams: When starting out on Sorare, you get to pick your favourite teams; this will heavily influence which common cards you’ll be given. Therefore, we recommend choosing dominant teams such as Bayern, Liverpool etc. This will also help you in the future as you progress through the ranks, as you’ll be able to use good goalkeepers, especially in Global Division 4 tournaments in the future. 
  3. You’ve picked your team, now what: The good thing about the rookie league now being indefinite (you used to only be able to use it for 8 weeks!) is that you can keep playing and keep stacking your common cards with rewards until you feel confident in buying some cards and progressing through the divisions.

    Now it’s time to play your first team in the Rookie League!

  4. Enter your rookie league team: Now you must enter your team. Choose one goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and forward – and an additional outfield player of your choosing. 
  5. The prize pool for the Rookie league is as follows:

Sorare Rookie League

As you can see, you’re guaranteed to win a common card; the higher you finish, the more likely you are to win a better one. If you click into ‘1x Tier 2 Common’ or ‘1x Tier 1 Common’, you’ll be shown a list of players you could win – should you come high enough. Finish in the podium and you have a shot at winning a Rare card which could be worth a decent amount of money! The commons you win along the way will help you on your Rookie league journey and potentially help you in future divisions should you win some good keepers, especially. You can find our complete beginners guide here!