Sorare Road To Glory – Building my Gallery for next Season (Ep. 1)

Sorare Road To Glory – Building my Gallery for next Season (Ep. 1)

The time has come to start a Road to Glory, Sorare version. 

I’m a firm believer that one of the reasons NFTs have become so big in the digital world is due to a generation of people being reminiscent of simpler times. When we used to collect pokemon cards, marbles and action figures. 

For me, a lot of my early teens were spent playing Fifa and Call of Duty. One of the reasons I love Sorare is that it reminds me so much of the former, especially the Fifa Ultimate Team game mode. If you’re not familiar with this, users open packs and buy cards to use in their teams to play tournaments on Fifa. It doesn’t sound too far away, and they have their own in game economy using fifa coins. 

With Sorare, the trading and collecting aspect is very similar to that – and instead of playing matches on FIFA, your route to earning is via fantasy competitions. 


That’s why I’ve started this series, to document my journey in building a gallery on Sorare and also hopefully winning prizes.


The story so far

I’ve amassed a fair few cards so far already, but I’m still really new to Sorare (started in February 2021 just before the crazy boom). If you want to follow me on Sorare you can do here.

My strategy was to first go for well aged players in the top 5 leagues because that’s where I felt a slight edge in terms of knowledge. I’m also lucky enough to have a smattering of MLS knowledge due to a podcast I run called the State of Play which sometimes talks about the MLS. 

I wanted to compete is as many SO5 games as possible though, so I slowly started to research Challenger europe divisions as well as Asia. In Asia I focused more on utility whereas in the Challenger divisions I definitely looked at youth and breakout prospects more, as you can see with Van Hecke and Kokcu for example. 

After that flurry of buying I wanted to see how I could get on with winnign cards, and I have probably not done as well as I could of – which is natural for a beginner. Kulusevski and Mulder are probably some of my better rewards that I’ll likely keep, but I really did feel like I wanted to push on for the new season – which is a big part of why I started this series. 

What the strategy is going forward?

My strategy going forward is to buy the following:

  1. Premium players at good ages who play 90 mins
  2. Youth prospects who have the potential to become premium assets on Sorare
  3. Players who I think will have breakout seasons
  4. Defenders, predominantly CBs who can be constants in my SO5 teams
I’m also focusing predominantly on the top 5 leagues in europe for now because I feel that market is the most liquid, and the recalibrations in ETH terms happens a lot more sharply on premium assets in these divisions.


If you’d rather watch my YouTube video, you can do so below! If you’re more of a reader, please do carry on! 

Who have I bought?

First up, Jean – Clair Todibo. I’m a big fan of players who are deemed superstars at 18/19, who then have a couple of years stagnating – and then kick on again. A footballer’s development is not linear, and he seemed to find some form with Nice in the second half of last season. They’ve taken up their option to buy him from Barcelona for a deal which could be worth up to 15 million euros. Nice have also signed Christophe Galtier, Lille’s title winning coach and probably the best coach in France alongside Poch, and definitely the best French coach around right now. From an SO5 scoring perspective last season Todibo racked up 15 scores between GW 139 and 169. He scored over 60 5 of those times including a 92 score. 1 in 3 times he’s hitting above 60, which I think is fairly decent for someone who doesn’t turn 22 until December. Galtier turned Lille into defensive stalwarts last season conceding only 23 goals, which was less than PSG and their next closest rivals were Rennes conceding 40 goals. Nice on the other hand conceded 53 goals over the course of the season – so I am optimistic that Galtier rejuvinates Nice as a whole – but most of all defensively. I expect that 1 in 3 ratio of 60+ scores to improve a touch as Nice become more organised at the back. I managed to buy him for just over 0.12 ETH which I was more than happy with. 

Next up, Sergej Milinkovic- Savic. The midfield general has hit 12 scores over 60 over the last 6 months out of 25 total scores in that period. 2 of those were 80+ scores and 3 90+ scores. His average scoring is very decent and his ability to hit those prize winning scores is very impressive. This wasn’t the best Lazio team we’ve seen after coming 4th in the 19/20 season, but SMS still managed 8 goals and 9 assists in 32 starts which is a great haul. One of the main reasons I went for him is Sarri’s return to Italy. The possession based, high chance creating and goalscoring footballing philosophy he brings should in theory be perfect for Sergej. Sarri’s Serie A record is 1.9+ goals per game across the teams he’s managed, so I’m hoping that we see SMS light up Serie A next season. SMS set me back a Borja Mayoral rare as well as some ETH which I was very happy with!

After selling Gianluca Busio for around about 0.5 ETH, I thought it was time to bolster the U23 midfield ranks. Welcome, Maxence Caqueret! 

Really love him as a player and I was happy to part with about 0.2 ETH for him. He should become a bigger part of this Lyon team next season with Depay gone and Auoar also looking likely to leave, Caq will have pressure on his shoulders to contribute a bit more in the attacking third – something he’s not done at will as of yet in his career. He has the ability and is going to be a mainstay in this Lyon side, so let’s hope he does the business next season.