Sorare On A Budget: 1 Ethereum Challenge

I see a lot of talk right now about Sorare and the price points as a barrier to entry. Whilst some of the prices are eye watering I think that you can still do well at Sorare on a budget. I have decided that the budget I will use is 1 Ethereum. That is still a sizeable outlay I guess at around £1300 currently; however we literally have to just hit the higher global threshold 50 times and that investment is paid back. We will call this the Sorare 1 ETH Challenge, this will be a blog series where you will follow me as I blaze through my Ethereum to try and level up through the divisions.

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Personally I think there is a lot of short-termism on the platform currently, as a community we need to start thinking longer term. Like I state in my opening gambit, I can potentially payback my outlay within 6 months if not sooner; however what I want to show in this challenge is the art of expanding and levelling the squad up over time. Its a bit like grinding the divisions in FIFA Ultimate Team but without the sweaty goals.

The big decision I have to make is do I aim for one of the regions and then try and sell rewards to break outside of that, or do I grind Global Division 4 and then fill out teams with the rewards and points threshold payments. A lot is going to depend on the RNG gods who decide on rewards. Now it is time to talk about my squad and strategy for playing Sorare on a budget.

Sorare Market Buying Strategy

I have bought a squad of 7 players, 4 from Asia, 2 from Russia and 1 from the Belgian league. I have opted for this strategy as it allows a bit of forward planning. The easy thing would have been to go full Asia as they have will play till the winter; however, I want to make my life as straight-forward as possible when I am trying to flesh out new teams. With 4 from Asia it allows me to still enter Champion Asia should that be the only competition running albeit with a common card.

I also should be able to buy a 5th player pretty soon after starting this challenge. With the MLS competition due to start on the 16th April I will have plenty of options to pick from. Having 3 players that are eligible for Challenger Europe I will also be able to start looking to fill that team out when the European season has ended and cards will have a slightly lower value on the secondary market.

It is important when starting on Sorare that you have aims and also have a plan when spending your ETH. It is easy just to get involved in auctions and start buying people at will. Auctions are exciting and who doesn’t love the rush of winning one. What I want to show in the Sorare 1 ETH Challenge is the value of planning out your teams.

Obviously you do not have to constrain yourself to 1 ETH, this is just a constraint I have picked to make this interesting. You could use a smaller budget if you used a common keeper and got lucky with some lower value cards. You could also use a lot more and make life easier for yourself.

SO5 Strategy

My immediate concern will be attacking the global division 4, it is important that I begin to hit the threshold immediately and attempt to be competitive for cards. It is a fairly good time to be attempting to do something like this, Asia is just beginning, Europe is entering the business end and the MLS is starting up in around a months time.

I think I have picked players that hit fairly decent scores on their day and these players will also offer resale value. If I want to trade my players in I am hoping I will be able to sell them for at least what I bought them for. I just need to be aware that Belgium and Russia do not have many games left so I need to get the absolute maximum out of them. If it looks like they may not play in my SO5 entries I will need to cut them.

Realistically with Russia having 8 fixtures left, it means have 8 gameweeks left to hit the global threshold and earn 0.16 ETH giving me a chance to buy that 5th player to keep my threshold payments ticking over throughout the summer. One of the cornerstones of the Sorare 1 ETH challenge will be keeping the payments adding up.

The Players

What I will say is do not expect to just throw money at Sorare and instantly profit. You need to do research and assess the market. I spent a fair bit of time looking into these players and some of them I expect to rise in value and will look to move them on at some point. Now It is finally time to introduce the squad, so with out further ado!

Mun Kyung Gun – Goalkeeper – Daegu FC – 0.190ETH

The goalkeeper was very important to get right, it absolutely needs to be a starter, in all honesty you could look to hit the threshold with a decent common; but I want us to be competitive. Gun has only just returned from a hand injury and I was able to pick him up relatively cheaply because he has not been playing. Goalkeeper rotation is real in Asia especially in the J-League so just be mindful of this. Gun has recently moved from Oita Trinita to Daegu FC in South Korea. I may look to sell once his price rises and swap for a J-League keeper at some point but we will see.

Yaroslav Rakitskiy – Defender – Zenit St Petersburg – 0.125 ETH

This guy is an absolute unit! He is a centre-half and starter for Zenit, but unusually he is also a set-piece taker, and takes corners and wide free kicks. This enables to post some simply amazing scores! For what I paid its simply nuts really. His averages on Sorare Data are impressive, L5= 58, L15 =56 and L40 =58. Zenit look on course to with the Russian Premier League so I will also get some utility out of him on European nights too as well as when the league starts again on the 25th July.

Quite simply this guy is a bargain, just look at his SO5 scores map on Sorare Data he only has 5 red scores over that entire time, when needing an average of 50 points per player to hit threshold Ratkitskiy will be more than doing his bit. This guy is also a Sorare favourite with one of our team I will let you try and guess who!

Han Kook-Young -Midfielder – Gangwon FC – 0.1 ETH

Han Kook-Young is a name you are probably not familiar with, however he will be a key part of the Sorare 1 ETH Challenge. Since this guy has been eligible for SO5 he has not made a red score! That is pretty huge in respect of what we are trying to do here. I will be honest I do not know loads about him but when I was doing my research for cheap midfielders he kept cropping up. He was one of the last players I bought, I just sent out a cheeky 0.1 offer to his owner and it got accepted. Just shows you that sometimes in Sorare you have to chance your arm. Not that I am saying lowball every player in sight as that is a sure fire way to get blocked. But rather send out reasonable bids and just see what happens.

Joao Schmidt – Midfielder – Kawasaki Frontale – 0.12 ETH

Joao Schmidt is a card a bought a while ago, I actually bought him for £15 in the J-League off-season. For the purpose of this challenge I will not be using the price I paid as that would not be fair but rather the price of the lowest on the market at the time of writing hence the 0.12 above. Honestly this guy was a punt to nothing when I picked him up, his scores was not amazing but judging by his opening performances Frontale he has settled in and should score consistently. He currently plays at the base of a midfield 3 when I have watched them doing a lot of the work in midfield. The beauty of SO5 scoring is that defensive contribution is rewarded and we are now currently seeing a increase in his scores.

Maxime D’Arpino – Midfielder – KV Oostende – 0.072 ETH

I won this guy right before he hit peak scores and did not have that many minted. His price peaked at around £400, you can pick one up today for less than a quarter of that. It just shows you how quickly the market can react sometimes to a player either hitting form or losing form. D’Arpino’s scores have certainly hit the downturn recently but I am hopeful he finds some kind of form and we can hopefully turn a profit with him on the secondary market.

With all that being said he only has one red score of 31 and consistently scores in and around 40-50 if he does not get a goal contribution. Again this is what we are looking for players for the Sorare 1 ETH Challenge, players who have a decent baseline and are consistent. This guy is not gonna pull up any trees but when he finds form he will be a captain option.

Ezequiel Ponce – Forward – Spartak Moscow – 0.150 ETH

Ponce represents the second biggest outlay for my squad. The Argentinean is currently plying his trade in Russia for Spartak Moscow. I really, really wanted 2 strikers, more for the fun factor than anything. I had allocated the budget to my final pick already so it was not easy to find someone who fit the bill. Having watched Spartak a few times now into my Sorare journey they are a really fun watch. Ponce is great fun to watch too providing good foil for Larson and Sobolev.

Ponce currently has 9 goals and 1 assist from 20 games 4 of which were as a substitute. He is having a decent season in Moscow going by his stats and Spartak have just pushed into second ahead of CSKA. As we approach the last 8 matches in Russia Spartak will be going all out to finish ahead of their city rivals. In terms of SO5 there is a big gap between his ceiling and floor. He does have scores where he does not do a great deal but when he does score well its usually north of 60. I need players like that in my squad who are potentially captain material. Also thinking ahead Spartak have a good chance of European football next season if they hold their nerve down the final stretch, which will also give us more utility out of this card.

Kyogo Furuhashi – Forward – Vissel Kobe – 0.228 ETH

As soon as it came apparent I could afford Furuhashi he was definitely going to make the cut. Currently would say he is missing Iniesta who is recovering from a hamstring tear. His scores are frustrating and his last few scores this season especially. However, Vissel currently have a new Brazilian signing on the way and also Iniesta will be back at some point in the near future so it does look bright for Furuhashi.

If you look at some of his scores from last season you can see why I brought him in, on his day he is capable of hitting a serous scores of 70+. He is the type of player that can get you out of your seat especially if you have given him the armband. I will have to keep an on the rotation at Kobe but what a hold this guy is. The J-league schedule is not as hectic this coming season also Kobe will not have the distraction of The Asian Champions League. Hopefully this means Furuhashi can stay fit and and give us those moments of magic he is known for.

The coming SO5 Gameweeks

We are just under budget spending 0.993 ETH, does not leave a lot of room for error. Maybe I should have gone for a full Asian squad but that would have been the easy option given how much I follow Asian football (all because of Sorare I might add). I am sure I will be relying on some common cards at different stages of the game; when signing up I think its really important that you have players from different leagues in your common stack.

I feel I have an interesting couple of cards for the Sorare 1 ETH Challenge and the coming weeks we will see if I have made good decisions or bad decisions. I plan on reviewing this in 3 or 4 gameweeks time and see how I am doing. As well as reviewing performance in the Global divisions and also reflecting on how card prices compare with the current market. I look forward to keeping you all up to date! This is the start of a long profitable journey, as I grind the different Sorare divisions. If you have any questions either contact the team on social @SorareHub or me directly @FPLChef on Twitter