Sorare News Update: New Scarcity Confirmed + Scaling Solution Implemented

Sorare News Update: New Scarcity Confirmed + Scaling Solution Implemented

It’s been a big week in the world of Sorare. The platform appears to be going from strength and putting that venture capital to good work through a series of improvements which will drive accessibility and improved user experience for collectors. Yesterday evening, Sorare confirmed one of the worst-kept secrets in the game by providing more detail on a planned new scarcity and also provided an update on their new ‘scaling solution’ for the ecosystem.

New Scarcity

In a blog post issued last night, Sorare provided more detail on a new scarcity of card to join the Unique / Rare / Super Rare hierarchy. The new tier – as yet unnamed – will be a 1/1000 scarcity which will provide an enormous opportunity for Sorare to grow their userbase through expanded accessibility for new users. We would expect prices to remain relatively modest for these cards, depending on Sorare’s minting strategy and any accompanying user growth. Demand for “flagship” cards such as #1 mint, player shirt number and global superstars is likely to remain high however and within an environment which has truly global reach users should keep an open mind as to the likely prices some of these cards may fetch at auction. 

New Scaling Solution

The migration to “Layer two” is complete. For those that have been following this change over the last week or so, Sorare have achieved a hugely ambitious technical migration which has moved Sorare based assets into a Starkware based layer solution. For those who want to know more of the technical detail on how this designed and achieved, further detail has been provided in a blog post here. Immediate benefits for Sorare users include close to instant transfer times for card purchases / sales between collectors and ETH appearing in wallets at the same speed. Auctions and prizes will also appear more quickly in galleries as a result of the change. Perhaps the most eye-catching part of the implementation however is the fact that users depositing Fiat currency via Ramp will now be able to buy ETH free of gas fees.

How can I deposit for free without fees?

Ramp has long been considered an easy but expensive way of getting ETH into your Sorare wallet. Not anymore – last night’s announcement means that there is now no cheaper way of boosting your Sorare balance. By using Ramp, Sorare collectors can deposit into the platform without paying any gas fees. In the UK, Ramp isn’t always a straightforward experience due to limitations put in place by certain banks – we have a blog post here which summarises which banks do or don’t play nicely with Ramp.