Sorare: The Limited Scarcity Launch – Chef’s Initial Buys

Sorare: The Limited Scarcity Launch – Chef’s Initial Buys

Sorare have released a new scarcity; this company is releasing a new level of cards as they look to build on the momentum they have gained this year. This is clearly the next phase of the Sorare journey. We here at Sorare Hub are very excited by the prospect of the new Limited scarcity. I have bought a few of the new Limited cards and I will be chronicling my Sorare journey as I enter the Limited competitions.

Are You New To Sorare?

Are you new to Sorare? Click the image below to use our referral link to sign up, you will receive a limited card once you have bought 5 players from auction!

Sorare: The Limited Scarcity an Introduction

The new scarcity is currently serialed 1/1000. It has the colour yellow and these cards will be eligible for competitions from gameweek 194. The new scarcity will play in Global All Star Division 5 for gameweeks 194 and 195; after this the cards will be eligible for all other competitions.

The prizes will be the same kind of structure that we have in the other divisions. The podium places will win ETH and as with other divisions a certain amount of cards will be available as prizes for good finishes in the gameweek.

There are rules with the limited cards, in division 5 only limited cards are allowed. SO5 team selection remains consistent throughout the divisions and will be the same 1 player from each position plus 1 more outfielder, you will also have to select a captain. As it stands Limited cards will not be available for selection in division 4 and common or rare cards will not be available in division 5.

Chef’s Initial Limited Scarcity Buys

Having decided to start my limited journey I am going to buy some of the young MLS talent on offer. Honestly I just wanted to get involved in the buying of cards. The most exciting part of Sorare for me is making squads and identifying the exciting young talent. Champion America is stacked with young talent and the very best of them either have good careers in the regions domestic leagues or they come to Europe. Creating an U23 squad full of MLS talent is an exciting prospect for me. The outlay will totally be worth it especially when you condsider I will get 10-15 years utility our of some of these players. Some of these players are some of the best prospects in the MLS, if you check my gallery you will also see I have bought a slew of rookie players.

The plan is to see how many good players I can purchase and get my club off the ground. I am a big fan of this limited scarcity and its really given my Sorare journey a shot in the arm as I will be able to afford some of the elite players. Through this blog series I will be charting my initial buys and then catching up on some of my results and prizes and then plans going forward.

Sorare is massively about the fun aspect and I think lately I have lost sight of that. I am a huge fantasy football buff and this limited scarcity has got me excited again.

At The Back

For goalkeeper I have opted for one of my favourite players on the platform, David Ochoa. The young keeper has at least 15 years left at the top level and has made the keeper spot his own at Real Salt Lake. Currently out injured with a minor injury he is due back to the first team in a couple of weeks. He will have another 4 seasons of U23 eligibility also, in the summer months with no European football this will be key.

For defenders I have George Bello and Diego Palacios. Bello has been indifferent for the early part of the season like most of Atlanta United’s players. Under Heinze it just wasn’t working for him but since his dismissal Bello has started to find form again. He again has a good few seasons of utility left for under 23s, his last 4 games have seen a slight raise in matrix score compared to the rest of the season, however this is a small sample size.

Diego Palacios is an Ecuadorian left back who plays for L.A. FC, he had some time off for the Copa America but he is back now and putting in some good performances. He creates chances and gets forward at every opportunity, his scores are steady, nothing spectacular I just think he could be one to watch especially if L.A. FC improve.

Going Forward

My midfield and forward options are where the big scorers are and the captain options. I have Ezequiel Barco, Djordje Mihailovic, Deiber Caicedo and Daryl Dike. I could have chosen to go with Diego Rossi up front however he is having an indifferent season, I have opted for Caicedo another streaky scorer but he gets his share of 60+ scores. He is nothing to write home about but maybe he can get a move to a better club. Dike is one to watch, Championship fans will recognise him from his time at Barnsley where he made a big impression, a future move to a different European club cannot be ruled out, one to watch.

The real jewels in the crown here are Barco and Mihailovic. Mihailovic is an SO5 machine, he regularly puts in 70+ scores. Still only 22 he has room to grow and it will be great fun tracking his progress when I do the update blogs. My favourite of the whole lot of players however is Ezequiel Barco. I have been aware of this young man since he was tearing it up in Argentina as a teenager.

He was so constrained under Heinze and it made me really sad watching him play knowing what he is capable of. He has recently scored 2 worldies, one against Colombus Crew and one against Toronto. Since he has come back from the Olympics he has seen a significant uptick in his performances and SO5 utility. He is on free-kicks and penalties, whilst also playing further up the pitch. If you can stretch to affording him you should definitely think about owning one he is a genuine captain option every week.

In Conclusion

I hope you like the introduction to this little project of mine, I hope you also consider taking a look at the limited scarcity. I think this will be a fun project and it will be good to see which directions I take it and how I level up my squad. The next part will look at my first forays into Europe and the type of teams I will be looking to build, I may also introduce you to some of the rookie cards I have picked up!

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