2021 J-League Players Flying Under The Radar On Sorare

2021 J-League Players Flying Under The Radar On Sorare

Today saw the launch of the new 2021 J-League cards, everybody knows I love the J-league. I think as a whole J-league players tend to be under priced; especially when you can play them in global and win prizes from other regions. In terms of quality J-League isn’t amazing, however its probably the most fun league to watch on the platform. It is generally goals galore and and just so much fun to watch. If you want to stay involved with Sorare over the summer the J-league is a good place to start. Disclaimer – I own none of these and will be looking to pick up!

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Daizen Maeda – Yokohoma F.Marinos -2021 J-League

For whatever reason Maeda did not have a card last season, but he does now! This guy is not really under the radar I guess he just is not on the platform but let me tell you a little about him. He started his career at Matsumoto Yamaga, before making his debut for the national team. Maeda was then snapped up on loan by Maritimo In Portugal but the move did not work out and he returned back to his native Japan and signed for Marinos.

He first came to my attention last season, honestly his stats are not amazing; however I was watching the game where Marinos lost 3-1 against Sanfrecce Hiroshima and despite the defeat he impressed me. I made a mental note and wouldn’t you know it he has started the season on fire! 6 goals so far this season coming in at 0.82 per match. He is over performing his xG which is 0.53. He is also averaging 2.18 shots per game and creating 0.68 shots per match. He does however only have an xA of 0.14 with only 1 assist all season. The Sorare scoring matrix does however reward players who create chances so all that matters is that he carries on creating. He is also still eligible for under 23 selection which gives him good value especially over the summer. I will be curious to see what his card goes for and if I can get involved buying one.

Taisei Miyashiro – Tokushima Vortis – 2021 J-League

I have seen this kid play a fair few times as he collected cameo appearances for Kawasaki Frontale. I will be honest I saw nothing that made me think I need to get this guy’s card right now. However I wish that I had picked a few up, the cheapest card listed is 0.452 ETH (at the time of writing). He has since made a loan move to Tokushima Vortis and it is going successfully.

Tokushima play a 4-4-2 formation for the most part or a 4-2-3-1, with Miyashiro operating as a forward playing from the right hand side. He has 3 goals this season coming in at an xG of 0.4; Averaging 2.22 shots per game with an accuracy of 47.6%. Looks like he will see a fair bit of game time this season, which will aid his development. Miyashiro is only 20 years of age so should still have room to develop; whether he will develop into the quality required to start at Kawsaki Frontale remains to be seen. But I will be keeping a keen eye on his auction price as I doubt that he goes as high as the current lowest available card.

Gen Shoji – Gamba Osaka – 2021 J-League

The first two cards discussed are potentially speculative punts. If you want a truly dependable player who plays every weeks and scores well Shoji is your man. Also Gamba will have matches to make up after they had a Covid outbreak, so they will be a couple of gameweeks were they are potentially playing and no other J-League teams are.

When it comes to the scoring matrix Shoji has a bit of everything. He scores well on defending as you would expect; gets a fair amount of interceptions, also scores well on passing too as you can see from his passmap against Reysol above. He bags a “double double” most weeks, Only thing he isn’t is a goal threat. He isn’t gonna set your world alight but what he is, is consistent his L40 score on Sorare Data is 58. I think that tells you all you need to know. Players like him are what gameweek winning teams are built around.

Tatsuki Seko – Yokohama FC

So as I was looking though the players and prices couldn’t help but notice that this guy was dirt cheap. At the current time of writing the cheapest you can pick one up is 0.125. one of those on the matrix who score fairly well because he is one of those jack of all trades midfielders looking at his statistics. Not really a goalscorer but he does have one assist this season but it seems this guy excels in the matrix nuances like double-double and triple triple also. As you can see from the total actions map above he does not get into the opposition box much. Despite not seeing much box action he still has a L5 rating of 57 and a L15 average of 55 according to Sorare Data. Hopefully with the change in coach at Yokohama Seko can continue to be a consistent matrix scorer. Like I have already stated with Shoji gameweek winning sides are built around consistent scorers! Well thats all from me your friendly neighbourhood Chef! I hope you enjoyed the article do not forget we have a discord which you can join here, you can also follow us on Twitter here and we also have a beginners guide here.

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