Sorare HQ AMA – Thursday 6th May 2021 – What did you miss?

AMA recap

Sorare HQ AMA – Thursday 6th May 2021 – What did you miss?

Sorare held one of their regular “Ask Me Anything” sessions on Thursday 6th May 2021 and announced a host of new ideas, features and teasers for the future. If you missed it, or are after a quick summary of what we learned then read on below.

Which new features were announced?

First up was The Academy – a new single division SO5 league with no scarcity bonuses, max 1 Common card, and a max average score for card entry (possibly maximum of 45). This new division will be reserved for managers who only ever play in Division 4 and is intended to help lower budget managers compete for ETH and XP prizes. 

This wasn’t the only new SO5 division announced today. It was also confirmed that the new scarcity (as yet unnamed) will also have it’s own division to play within with rewards being additional cards of this scarcity. It appears there are efforts to ensure that the new scarcity will not fit within the current SO5 ecosystem but act as a way of attracting new managers on a budget who may decide to make the transition to R / SR / U cards at a later date.

And staying on the topic of new divisions, we learned from Carl that a “Global Nations” division is coming, where players from Copa America, Euro 2020, and Euro 2020 (2021) will be eligible, with max 1 common and no scarcity bonuses. There will also be a specific, dedicated league for Euro 2020 (2021). 

We expect that most managers who joined the AMA were most keen to hear about the new threshold system given the discussion prompted following previous statements on this topic. An outline was offered which looks to us an exciting replacement – described below:

“In a given GW, Managers will accumulate the team points they made in Global All-Star Division 4 and Global Academy as long as they did not win a card and did not participate in any higher Division. These points carry over from GW to GW over a period of 3 months. The points will be represented on a Progress Bar on the Play Page. There are multiple reward thresholds on the Progress Bar, each requiring a different number of points, and each threshold offering a better prize than the last. When a Manager’s Progress Bar reaches a certain threshold, the Manager can choose to claim the reward OR ignore the reward and continue earning points until they reach the next, better threshold.

When a Manager chooses to claim a reward, they are offered a choice. This is an example of what it might look like: 

Option 1) A random (hidden) Rare card of a particular Tier (Between T3 and Star) 

Option 2) An amount of money in ETH fixed to a Fiat value (between ~$50 and ~$2000) 

Option 3) An amount of XP given to 5 players of their choice in their collection (between 2 Level-Ups per player and 8 Level-ups per player) 

After you make your choice, the Progress Bar returns to zero points. If you did not reach a threshold after the 3-month deadline, the points will be lost. Will you push your luck and go for bigger prizes, or settle for the first thing you can get?”

We also learned more about ideas to improve the Transfer Market experience – with the intention to introduce Counter-offers and in-game messaging to allow for smoother negotiations.

What else was said of note?

There was a bit more detail on the new reward structure following the announcements made last month. It was announced that the intention is to have the new structure in place for 27th May 2021 – just three weeks away. As previously announced, prize depth will be linked to the number of fixtures in the GameWeek and the more clubs which are licensed, the more rewards which will be added to prize pools. Actual prize breakdowns are expected to be announced shortly.

Nicolas confirmed that more marketing activity is likely to commence over the coming months, leading to a hoped sustained user growth. There will be new buttons that make it easier for managers to share their teams, rewards and achievements on social media.

As well as this, financial sustainability was an area of interest with more than one question on the topic. Nicolas confirmed that Sorare has been profitable from day one and continues to develop in line with the details which have already been shared from the previous funding rounds.

There was a further brief mention of a new “scaling solution” for Sorare on the Ethereum network which will allow for instant card transfers, rewards and cheaper deposits and withdrawals. We expect more detail on this in the next few weeks.

It was stated that several leagues / clubs have already been signed up but not announced yet. One of these will be revealed tomorrow when a new Brazilian club is added to the platform. There was a further commitment to include Women’s football cards in future as well as some likely small iterations to the scoring matrix before the 21/22 season commences.

What didn't we learn more on?

The Sorare mobile app does not appear to be arriving anytime soon. Nicolas confirmed that the development of a mobile solution is “definitely something we want to happen” but this is clearly still in the concept and design phase rather than something which we will be seeing imminently.

Also teased was a new “full collection game” – for rewarding managers who are focused on collectability. Further details will follow in time on this.

Nicolas confirmed that there are no immediate plans to provide SO5 coverage for second divisions in Germany, France, Spain or Italy but this is being discussed with OPTA and will come at a later date.