Sorare Bundesliga Prospects – Who are the best S05 players?

Sorare Bundesliga Prospects – Who are the best S05 players?

With Sorare adding full coverage of the Bundesliga, we here at Sorare Hub have decided to take a look at the best Sorare Bundesliga prospects, we will be about taking a look at some of the best additions to Sorare with respect to S05 scoring. As Sorare already have the licenses for Bayern and Leverkusen, we will focus on the 16 newly licensed clubs. I’m sure the majority will be look at the fantastic new cards of the Dortmund players. However, there are some fantastic players to be had throughout the teams in the Bundesliga.

This article will cover who we believe to be the stand out S05 performers in each of the highlighted teams. Unfortunately, due to the lack of games played by the promoted sides (Furth, Arminia and Bochum), we will dismiss these teams. On the other hand, this article does display a range of player types and covers all positions required to build a S05 team.

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Augsburg – Sorare Bundesliga Prospects

To begin, we have Augsburg’s most creative player, Daniel Caligiuri. The right sided player and set piece taker is a focal part of the Augsburg side, particularly in an attacking sense. Having said that, the experienced player is yet to score and registered just 1 assist this season. Although from an S05 viewpoint, Caligiuri is capable of reaching some impressive scores via good All-Around scoring to support any decisive scoring actions. It is worth noting Augsburg are struggling this season with just 1 win from 8 games. This has lead to them to be 16th in the table at the time of writing.

Dortmund – Sorare Bundesliga Prospects

Dortmund currently sit 2nd in the Bundesliga. Our first Dortmund player is of no surprise. Erling Haaland is a goal machine with more goals than games played this season. With regards to S05 scoring, Haaland is not a strong All-Around scoring player due to having limited amount of touches throughout games. However, his decisive actions are on another planet with 10 goals and 3 assists. This is something we think will continue throughout his career, and for sure will sell for a very large sum of money when being auctioned. The Norwegian forward also still offers plenty of U23 utility, which means his card can be used in a very flexible way to suit the owners gallery.

Mats Hummels is an extremely consistent S05 scorer at a very high level. Despite only having 1 clean sheet this season so far, Hummels has many scorers above 60. It would not be surprising to see the average scores shown in the graphic below increase if they can solve their defensive issues. Hummels is also more than capable of reaching scores of 80 or more without a decisive action at all due to the strength of his All-Around scoring ability. He has also been a German regular, acting as an experienced head amongst a lot of youth players in attacking areas.

Frankfurt – Sorare Bundesliga Prospects

Frankfurt have 5 draws and just 1 win from 8 games so far this season. This means they are currently 14th and 7 points behind the European spots they are more familiar with. However, there have been two players that have performed well with regards to S05 scoring. The first being the Austrian defender, Martin Hinteregger. A very frequent 60+ scorer that has a nice balance between his decisive and All-Around scores would be a nice card to hold within a gallery without splashing the cash for some of the more premium cards. Hinteregger offers utility from being a Frankfurt regular in both domestic and European football, and also carries international utility. Similar to Dortmund, if they can improve defensively, we expect scorers to become very impressive.

Kostic is without a doubt the playmaker of Frankfurt. He registered 4 goals and 14 assists in the league last season, and hasn’t started too badly this season too. Therefore, Kostic is more than capable of reaching a score of 100 on a semi-regular basis. This is due to the regular decisive actions, supported by some very healthy All-Around scoring. Kostic is also a stronger performer against the stronger teams within the Bundesliga, highlighting how big of a role he plays within the Frankfurt side. This is also the same Internationally for Serbia.

Freiburg – Sorare Bundesliga Prospects

Vincenzo Grifo, is very much the creative player for Freiburg. The capable set piece taker falls into the category of being affordable, but perhaps not a premium player. Freiburg are a very compact side that have improved in recent years with the help of the 28 year old. Grifo recorded 9 goals and 10 assists last year, and has 2 goals and 1 assist thus year. This displays his balance of being able to do both sides of the attacking role. He has developed a partnership down the left hand side with Gunter, who may also be of interest for his S05 scoring nature. This combination could form the basis of a consistent Global All Star team.

Hertha – Sorare Bundesliga Prospects

Hertha don’t have too much strong performers in an S05 context. However, Dardai looks to be a versatile and bright footballer. The 19 year old began to impress from the back end of last season in a range of positions. This season Hertha are very hit and miss in 13th, and recently were on the wrong end of a 6-0 thrashing from Leipzig. This is certainly a player to keep an eye on. It wouldn’t be surprising if some are already aware of this lads talent and will be keen to pick up a card.

Hoffenheim – Sorare Bundesliga Prospects

Hoffenheim’s main man. Kramaric is a significant player in his side, with 20 goals and 5 assists last season. This season, he has just the 1 goal in 8 games, but has 6 assists already. For a forward, his All-Around scores are very impressive due to his ability to make passes in the final third. Therefore, there is no surprise he has so many assists already this season. Kramaric also takes the majority of set pieces and takes penalties for Hoffenheim, who sit mid-table in 9th. Kramaric also gives you international utility for Croatia, who are a reasonably strong nation to play for.

Koln – Sorare Bundesliga Prospects

Koln are performing very well this season. There are a number of stronger performers and reasons why this is the case. However, we have selected two players that have also performed well on the S05 front. The first, Jonas Hector is an experienced player with 43 caps for Germany. He is also very well balanced S05 scorer with a good All-Around score, and able to provide many assists throughout a season as well as defend very well. No longer an international player, but as a Koln regular would seem a rather safe buy. A player in which you know what you are getting.

Skhiri is perhaps an unknown player to most. However, the midfielder is the anchor to Koln’s team and allows the likes of Hector to bomb forward. Skhiri makes a lot of touches in every game, thus contributes to a very nice All-Around score. He does not appear to have huge attacking output, yet did score twice against Furth. Skhiri recently picked up a thigh injury, which led him to miss the Hoffenheim game. With his absence Koln got thrashed 5-0. He is set to return in mid November and expect him to slot straight back in given his importance in the side. Skhiri may not be a glamerous player to hold, nor will he be considered a premium player. But we do believe Skhiri will have a strong part to play for a lot of managers in winning prizes from S05 tournaments.

Leipzig – Sorare Bundesliga Prospects

Leipzig have been far below their standards from previous years. Nkunku is perhaps the only real stand out performer with 9 goal contributions in 11 club games this season. It shows how good of a job Nagelsmann did previously. Nkunku appears to be given a free roaming role in a lot of Leipzig’s games. This allows him to get in between the defensively lines and create goal scoring chances, or take it on himself. Perhaps Leipzig haven’t really settled under their new manager yet and so there may be other players that also develop into great S05 scorers.

Mainz – Sorare Bundesliga Prospects

St Juste certainly isn’t a premium option. But due to Mainz setting up defensively St Juste has been able to pick up some pretty decent S05 scores. However, it is worth considering that he has a high percentage of games with clean sheet bonuses, and with Mainz being a poorer side in the Bundesliga it is questionable at how sustainable this is. At 25, St Juste does have plenty of years ahead of him, which would provide great utility in the Global All Star division. A budget Champion Europe side may also be appropriate when including St Juste also.


Monchengladbach like Leipzig are not performing well this year either. However, they still have a number of players that appear to be strong S05 options. It wouldn’t surprise me to see some Monchengladbach stacks being played. The players being highlighted here are Yann Sommer and Nico Elvedi. Yann Sommer is the only goalkeeper to feature in this article. With only 1 clean sheet from 8 games, Sommer’s scores are still impressive with multiple 60+ scores. The age of Sommer is the factor that will put off a lot of managers. But his scores speak for themselves and will for sure give you a great chance to win prizes as he will outscore most goalkeepers.

Nico Elvedi has been a top player for many years now. He rarely scores below 50 too. Elvedi plays at the heart of the Momchengladbach back 3 and is able to build up some incredible All-Around scores to reach the higher scores required to win prizes too. Elvedi also gives you international utility for Switzerland in front of Sommer, so pairing these two together may be a strategy you wish to explore. An alternative to Elvedi would be Matthias Ginter, but has a little more variation in his scores and is slightly older. However, they are both strong picks.


Mavropanos is an extremely impressive S05 scorer. He also still has a season remaining of U23’s utility. With 3 goals from 8 he has clear goal threat as a defender. However, it is also very impressive that his scores have been so good despite Stuttgart only keeping 1 clean sheet so far this season. If the Greek defender can keep this form of S05 scoring up, he will soon become costly. He is also on loan from Arsenal, and with the troubles they are having at the back, if Mavropanos can have a solid season, I’m sure we’ll see him feature in the Premier League next season. Although, this is clearly a player with some talent and some great scores to back it up with. A complete stand out in the Stuttgart side.

Union Berlin

Awoniyi’s goal output has been a key reason as to why Union Berlin are currently sat 5th in the league. Awoniyi is reliant on his decisive scores. This isn’t surprising that the Nigerian forward doesn’t have any assists due to his role being to simply put the ball in the back of the net. However, this doesn’t mean his ability to bring others into the game won’t improve. If the ex-Liverpool striker can keep up his performances, I’m sure he’ll become a much bigger name in European football.


Arnold is the set piece taker for Wolfsburg and their most creative player. He scores very well in both elements of the S05 scoring. Although, his lack of goal contributions so far this season explains why his last 15 average score is below his very impressive last 40 average score. This is a player that also isn’t considered so glamorous, but for sure will help contribute to winning many prizes for many years.

There are a few other players that were unlikely not to be included. There were also some stronger S05 scorers in the more dominant teams than some of the featured players in this article from the weaker teams. It is also important to consider that players’ scores will vary throughout the season depending on the form of the player and the difficulty of the fixtures. However, these players should help you to gather some base knowledge around what to expect from the Bundesliga.

Thank you for reading, why not take a look at our article regarding the valuing of cards, you can find that here.