Sorare Beginners Guide – A Complete Tutorial

Sorare Beginners Guide – A Complete Tutorial

Sorare is becoming ever more popular, as this blockchain fantasy football game begins to hit the mainstream, more people are wondering what this craze is about. However this game is a complex beast at the best of times, so we here at Sorare Hub have created this comprehensive Sorare beginners guide.

Are You New To Sorare

Are you new to Sorare? click the image below to use our referral link to sign up, you will receive a limited card once you have bought 5 players from auction!

What is Sorare – Sorare Beginners Guide

Sorare is a blockchain based fantasy football game, where you can form your very own collection of your favourite players from around the world in the form of NFT’s. Therefore, this gives you ownership of each card, just like the old fashioned Panini stickers we all know and used to love. 

You are then able to enter teams selected from your collection of players into fantasy tournaments. This is known as the S05 game element of Sorare, as you select 5 players of your choice into a relevant tournament completely free of charge with the possibility to win prizes in the form of Ethereum or additional player cards. On some occasions some fan experiences have also been on offer, such as an all expenses trip to a La Liga match! The player scoring system is based off of the player’s real life performance, adding that extra excitement to watching football. You may even find a new love for a club halfway across the world! 

The game can be played to suit your preference and football knowledge. Who knows what your collection of players may look like in the future?

How To Sign-up – Sorare Beginners Guide

Signing up to Sorare is super easy. All you need is a valid email address, to provide a username, and enter a password.

The quickest and the best way to sign up would be to use the link below. This will take you straight to the signing up process on Sorare’s website. You will then also be able to get a completely free limited player card when you purchase 5 cards from the auction place!

When you actually make your account you’re allowed to draft in a set of free cards, called common cards. They are a whitish gray color. They are the most common of the five scarcities which I’ll go into in a little bit. When you get these cards, you are then allowed to use them in what’s called the rookie leagues or the starter leagues where you’re competing with other new users on the platform. You are using those common cards to try and place as high in the rankings as possible to win other cards. You will see that this is hotly contested, but may even give you the bug to build a stronger collection.

How To Deposit – Sorare Beginners Guide

Depositing Ethereum to your Sorare wallet is also a very simple process when following our steps. If you already have a Metamask wallet, you can simply click the ‘Deposit’ button in the top right hand corner and connect your Metamask wallet. You can then freely deposit the amount of your choosing into Sorare.

If crypto is completely new to you, have no fear. The alternative is Ramp; a direct tool for depositing directly via credit or bank transfer. We would recommend this if you’re a beginner, rather than using a wallet. 
Further guides on how to research can be found on the Sorare Guide YouTube channel here:

The Cheapest Way to Deposit Tutorial

A Coinbase Tutorial

A Metamask Tutorial

How To Withdraw – Sorare Beginners Guide

Withdrawing from Sorare is also not as scary as it first seems. Simply click on your Ethereum balance in the top right hand corner and then click on ‘Withdraw to”. Within the first empty box which displays “To”. Head over to any Crypto wallet you already have that supports Ethereum, copy the wallet address and paste it in the original box displaying “To” above. You can just add the amount of Ethereum you wish to withdraw, submit your withdrawal and confirm your withdrawal with your wallet. This may involve confirming the withdrawal by entering a password, but is nothing to be afraid of. 

If you wish to see a more in depth guide on how to withdraw from Sorare. You can head over to a previous blog we created that also displays each step in a series of images to ensure you are comfortable with the entire process; you can access that here.

How To Buy Cards

As you begin to understand the game, you’ll start to form an idea of how you want to play it. To get started you’re going to need some cards to start building your incredible Sorare collection.

There are two ways to buy player cards – either brand new cards freshly minted by Sorare via ‘Card Auctions’, or from other Sorare users in the marketplace via ‘Manager Sales’.

Brand new cards are always sold at auction to give every manager a fair chance to buy any card without there being any private deals. Prices are a good reflection of demand and Sorare very carefully creates new cards at a rate which reflects the underlying demand for certain players and cards in the wider gameworld. However, bear in mind a player can only have a maximum of 1000 Limited, 100 Rare, 10 Super Rare, and 1 Unique card per season; many of which are held back for prize pools.


Card auctions are very simple. Bidding increases at minimum increments of 10% each time and each auction is time limited – whoever is the highest bidder when the clock reaches zero wins the card! Some important points to keep in mind:

  • Bids made in the final minute reset the clock back to a fresh 60 second countdown. This is to prevent “sniping” and give users the best chance to get their bids in.
  • Auctions happen round the clock, all year long. It’s not unusual for desirable cards to finish in the middle of the night; Sorare is a truly global game and no one territory is expected to have special treatment. It’s not unusual for some managers to set alarms for 4.15am to try and grab a desired card at a cheaper price…..
  • Themed Power Hours happen every Sunday evening (European time) and sometimes on a midweek evening as well. These designated times see a higher frequency of cards auctioned over the 60 minutes. Whilst these are helpful to see high quality cards released quickly, sometimes these auctions finish with higher prices due to the high volume of users logged in.

Using a Credit Card

One of the great things about buying cards from auction is the ability to use a Credit or Debit Card to bid and complete a purchase without having to deposit ETH into the platform. Losing bids are cancelled at the end of an auction without that money ever being taken against your card. Using a fee-free credit or debit card such as Starling or Monzo in the UK offers a great value way to buy players without having to pay ETH fees or deposit funds up front. Sorare does not charge any kind of fee for buying players in this way.

Buying cards on the ‘Manager Sales’ market is slightly different. Firstly, it is worth having an ETH balance in your account reserved for this purpose. Whilst Credit and Debit Cards can be used to buy cards from other Sorare users, Sorare do charge a 10% fee to process this transaction.

How To Sell Cards – Sorare Beginners Guide

Selling cards is a simple process. Cards you own can be placed up for sale on the ‘Manager Sales’ market at a fixed price of your choosing. Some things to keep in mind when placing cards for sale:

  • Be careful with your decimal points when listing cards. There have been some horror stories over the last year of high value cards going for 10% or even 1% of their true value because of sale values entered incorrectly. Don’t rush – check then double check again you have entered the value you are happy with.
  • There are usually many other cards on the market which are similar or identical to the one you are trying to sell. Take a look at the prices which are being asked for those cards before determining your own. If you’re looking for a quick sale to raise some funds then position your card at the lowest price point.
  • Most collectors don’t expect to pay full price when buying cards off the secondary market; you are likely to receive offers for your card which may include a substantial discount. Keep this in mind when pricing your card initially and hold on to how much you genuinely think that card is worth; don’t be pressured into taking a low offer.
  • Take a look at a third party data provider to see how much similar player cards have sold for in recent days and adjust for ETH fluctuations accordingly when arriving at your own valuation.
  • Don’t forget that “Card Power” – XP / SO5 Level carries a value so again, factor this into your pricing expectations.

Secondary market card listings run for 48 hours and then automatically expire – depending on your notification settings you should receive an alert if another collector makes you an offer during the 48 hour window.

Understanding Scarcity – Sorare Beginners Guide

Sorare has 5 tiers of card scarcity. Each scarcity level is represented by the colour of the card; where there is a different limit to the number of these cards that can be produced each season.

The different scarcities are:

  • Common – Previously mentioned as a white/gray looking card. There is no limit to the number of common cards in circulation as these are given to managers for free when signing up. However, this scarcity of cards cannot be traded at all and will always remain in your collection.
  • Limited – These cards are yellow/gold looking. There is a limit of 1000 cards of each player that can be produced each season. Therefore, due to the large number of cards being produced, this is the cheapest tier of cards available to purchase trade with. Allowing you to enter Division 5 level tournaments.
  • Rare – A red looking card where only 100 can be produced of each player per season. These cards help you gain entry to Division 4 or 3 level tournaments.
  • Super Rare – Blue cards that only release 10 issues of each player per season. This can be very expensive and give managers entry to Division 3 and 2 level tournaments.
  • Unique – Where just 1 card of each player is released each season. This is the most expensive tier and grants access to Division 1 tournaments. You will notice there aren’t too many entrants there due to the cost of these special cards!

Understanding XP

You will also notice that each card has a small % below the display of the card in your collection. This denotes the card bonus.

When a card is entered into a tournament, they are scored based on their real life performance. The score is then multiplied by the card bonus to give you a final card score. All 5 card scorers are added together, giving you a total team score within your tournaments. You will notice the more scarce a card is, the higher the card bonus is likely to be. 

To increase this card bonus you earn XP on your cards. You can earn XP by entering your cards into tournaments. If they do not have a game within that particular Game Week, you are still able to enter them into the “Special Training” division; cards will still earn 75 XP even if they do not have a game.

Much greater information on XP can be found here on Sorare’s website.

Entering Tournaments and Winning Prizes

Tournaments are widely considered the most enjoyable part of Sorare and give you the opportunity to win prizes, and everybody loves prizes! The prizes of S05 tournaments consist of player cards and Ethereum (Eth), and are awarded for finishing in set prize bands, established before the tournament begins. An example of a prize pool for the Global All Star Division 4 can be seen below.

A further breakdown will be explained on this list of prizes you have just seen in section 9 – “Winning Prizes”.

SO5 Entry – Sorare Beginners Guide

To make it possible to win prizes, you must first enter your chosen team into a tournament. Entry to all tournaments is completely free and requires you to enter a team consisting of 5 player cards: 1 each of the following.

  • Goalkeeper
  • Defender
  • Midfielder
  • Forward
  • Then 1 Extra – This player can be of any position)

Your team will then score points based on the players real life performances; this will be in their respective gameweek period. The goal of course, is to obtain the highest score possible, giving you the best chance to win prizes.


There are many different tournaments on Sorare, with Global and Regional tournaments having 5 different divisions to enter; further requirements to meet to take part for a varying degree of rewards. Therefore teams of similar strength will take on each other to win prizes.

Currently the differing regions are as follows, Champion America, Champion Asia, Champion Europe and Challenger Europe. Champion Asia and Champion America are relatively self-explanatory and are all the teams from those respecitve regions. Champion Europe consist of teams from England, Germany, Spain, France and Italy, the top 5 European leagues if you will. Challenger Europe conssists of teams from the rest of Europe.

We also have a global competition, which is what it sounds like region is not a barrier to entry. There is also then the Under 23 competition which is global but the player must be under 23 on July 1st that season. It follows the current under 23 rules in world football.

Differing Scarcities

Different scarcities allow access to higher divisions with bigger prizes. If you’re just starting out, you’ll be playing in Div 4 or 5 unless you have deep pockets and are already buying up Super Rare and Unique cards! Don’t let this put you off though, you can usually buy a team for relatively cheap and the prizes. Limited is the newest scarcity and currently populate division 5.


We hope this guide has given you a great insight into what Sorare involves and how you can begin your own personalised journey within the game. 

However, the fun does not stop there. You can also enhance your Sorare experience in numerous ways. Here are just a few of these…

  • Joining a Discord server – Sorare has an official Discord community that has multiple different channels and is a great way to try and negotiate some trades with other managers and offer feedback to Sorare themselves. Sorare Hub is also a third party community, helping others build the strongest line ups possible, to pick a number of brains to help you spot any players that are likely to miss the upcoming Game Week. You can also enter a free Private League tournament run with the help of Sorare Brag.
  • Make use of Sorare Data – This is a third party website that offers all kinds of data to assist you with your decision making throughout your journey. There are also many tools to help you value cards, and also offer free to enter tournaments to participate in with your existing collection.
  • Enter Sorare Mega – Another third party website that allows you to enter different tournaments using your existing Sorare cards with the possibility to win prizes!
  • Collect whoever you wish! There are no constraints on what you can and can’t collect from what is available. Make the game your very own!