Sorare On A Budget – Building A Squad of NFTs

Sorare On A Budget – Building A Squad of NFTs

The challenge is as simple as beginning with 1 Ethereum (approximately £1,300) on Sorare; with the aim to increase the balance by as much as possible over time. We My first step is to build a team of 6 or 7 players to compete in the Global All Star Division 4 tournament; This will show how valuable the 0.02 ETH threshold is with an outside shout at a card prize. Over time we shall look to progress by adding players to our gallery to compete in multiple tournaments. Maybe even one day we shall compete with a team of unique cards in a Division 1 tournament.

If any of you would also like to take on this challenge, do not hesitate to let us know. Both myself (KB) and Chef will be working as hard as possible to see how far we can develop our galleries. You can also let us know how you are doing if you do take on this challenge in our community discord. We’d love to hear about your journey as we progress with ours.

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Building a Team

With a budget of 1 ETH, we shall be looking to spend approximately 0.1 to 0.15 ETH per card. However, we are also aware that getting hold of a goalkeeper will take up a decent proportion of our budget. Therefore, around 0.3 to 0.4 ETH would be a reasonable price for a goalkeeper. He will play regularly in tournaments for us and I will not have to worry about the dreaded DNP (Did Not Play). This gives us a remaining 0.6 to 0.7 ETH roughly to build the remainder of our gallery. 

The ideal gallery for me would look something like this:

  • 1 Goalkeeper: 0.35 ETH
  • 2 Defenders: 0.125 ETH each
  • 2 Midfielders: 0.125 ETH each
  • 1 Forward: 0.15 ETH

This then gives us a remaining 0.25 ETH for an additional player of any position we may wish to acquire. Ideally this would be a forward; but they are also slightly more scarce due to there naturally being more defenders and midfielders on a football pitch than forwards. Having 6 cards will also mean we are able to leave one player out of our tournament lineup and put it into a training squad with our free common cards we receive when starting Sorare. We shall review the budget above once we have purchased our starting 6 cards.

The cards we will also be looking to purchase will be from the region of Asia. This is because the Asian leagues continue to play after the European 2020/21 season comes to an end. We shall then look to transition into European cards perhaps a couple of weeks before the 2021/22 season begins.

This is how the gallery looked after I had completed my purchases…


  • I found it very tricky to pick up a goalkeeper I could first of all, trust he would play regularly within his own team, but also not put our starting budget under real strain. With this I was torn between two options, Shun Takagi of Oita Trinita or Shusaku Nishikawa of Urawa Red Diamonds. Both were of a similar price, although the age difference of three years, with Takagi being the younger of the two and still captain of his club, he was my man between the sticks. However, this did come at some cost and we had to pay 0.38 ETH for him through a direct offer, which was of course stretching my budget.


The second defender purchased was also a secondary market purchase, Yusuke Maruhashi for 0.062 ETH. This seemed very good value for a regular starter for Cerezo Osaka who have lost just two matches so far this season, both of which were 3-2 away losses to FC Tokyo and title favourites Kawasaki Frontale. Maruhashi is possibly the underdog of my gallery. 


I also purchased two midfielders. Kento Misao from Kashima Antlers for 0.125 ETH in a direct offer, and Yushi Hasegawa who also plays for Oita Trinita, for 0.06 ETH in a direct offer. Kento Misao is the captain of the Antlers and so I am hoping for some consistent scores from the midfielder as the Antlers are also predicted to perform well and push for the top spots in the J League this season. Hasegawa is very much a middle of the road scorer. He is nothing too flashy but also is an option to further stack the Oita boys if we wish to do so. Although I am sceptical of running into a DNP with Hasegawa and will monitor his performances to try and avoid this. 


Diego Oliveira of FC Tokyo was purchased as our only forward for our starting 1 ETH challenge gallery. This purchase was a direct offer that set us back 0.135 ETH. Tokyo appears to be a reasonably high goal scoring team with Diego Oliveira often being involved amongst them. Therefore, I deemed this to be an extremely good value purchase and I am confident he will hit many 70+ scores in his time with us.

The total cost of our gallery so far is 0.842 ETH, leaving us with 0.158 ETH to pick up any other cards we fancy and can afford. I suspect this may be another midfielder or forward if our balance allows us to pick up a suitable option. If you have any suggestions and reasoning for your suggestion, I would love to hear them. This can once again be done through our community discord which I encourage you to get involved with.

Tournament Time

The next post following this will be based around the entry of our first tournaments. The results and any other developments made as we look to build up our balance, which is currently sat at 0.158 ETH. In the future I aim to go through the process of researching players we can purchase on our budget. We may then look to use these players within our S05 team entries, or sell on as a profitable trade on the market. 

If you have any queries on how to get started on Sorare, contact either myself on Twitter @FI_KBrown or the @SorareHub account. We will help guide you in the right direction and provide any advice we have to offer. Perhaps you also want to take on this challenge alongside @FPL_Chef and myself. You should let us know how you are progressing and what approach you have taken. Good luck with your own journey, and join me for the future updates of the 1 Ethereum Challenge.

If you are new to Sorare then why don’t you try our beginners guide which you can find here.