SO5 Strategy Guide – Helping you play to win

SO5 Strategy Guide – Helping you play to win

One of the greatest things about our Sorare cards is the utility they provide. In time this could be far reaching but you don’t need to look too far for the opportunity to use your cards right away. We’re talking of course about SO5, the twice weekly 5-a-side tournaments held on the Sorare website where card collectors can compete for ETH, cards and bragging rights. The SO5 world takes some getting used to so we put this SO5 strategy guide together to help you quickly get up to speed. 

Sorare Regions – SO5 Strategy Guide

Divisions are grouped by geography as follows:

Champion Europe – for players competing in the English Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue Une, Serie A or La Liga. 

Challenger Europe – for players competing in the English Championship, Scottish Premier League, Portuguese Primeira Liga, Belgian Pro League, Eredivisie, Russian Premier League. 

Champion America – for players competing in MLS, Liga MX, Argentine top division, Brazil Serie A, Columbia Preimera A

Champion Asia – for players competing in Japan J League 1, Chinese Super League, Korean K League 1

Global & Global U23s – players competing from any of the competitions listed above with an U23 division also available. 

Sorare Divisions – SO5 strategy Guide

Every region has the same set division structure. Divisions are used to provide contests for different levels of card scarcity ownership.  Each division is set up as follows:

Div 4: Rare cards only (one common card allowed with a 50% point penalty.

Div 3: At least 3 Rare cards, 2 more of which may be Super Rare.

Then we have

Div 2: At least 3 Super Rare cards, plus a maximum of 1 Rare and 1 Unique

Div 1: At least 3 Uniques, fillable with Super Rare cards. 

Divisions offer opportunities to compete with managers on a level playing field

The higher divisions come with higher rewards but the cost of entry is also considerably greater. 

Targeting The Regions

When starting out it’s tempting to set your sights on Global D4. There are great reasons why this may seem the best opening strategy: any five rare cards can be used together with no scarcity bonuses or regional restrictions to worry about. Global D4 is also the only contest which pays a “threshold prize” with a cool 0.02 ETH available to any team which scores over 250. 

But is this really the best place to focus your attention? Yes the ETH threshold is attractive but winning cards is usually a far greater reward. Global is the busiest tournament by far and finishing in the card paying positions can be a fierce contest. 

Experienced Sorare managers regularly tell us the same thing – target the Regions and build up from there. Winning cards is easier in these tournaments and strategies can be formed for specific geographies. In a short time, most managers will start buying additional cards to give cover for injuries, suspensions or loss of form. This is likely to mean that in many gameweeks, some cards will go unused. Constructing a Global “scratch” team of leftover cards can often hit the ETH threshold whilst ensuring your strongest assets target the more lucrative regions. 

This is just one approach. As you gain more familiarity with the platform and build your understanding you may take a different route to this. If you find a path to glory and want to share your wisdom then get in touch! 

Picking A Winning Combination – SO5 Strategy Guide

So, you’ve built squads for divisions and you’re ready to get those entries in. But where to start? Firstly, don’t forget the GameWeek deadlines are now 1pm which is much earlier than previous versions of the game. Find a system that works for you to make sure you don’t miss that deadline. 

When it comes to selecting a team, there are essentially two big decisions here. Who are your five strongest cards for the gameweek ahead and who should be your captain (which comes with a lovely 20% bonus on scores). 

Team selections couldn’t be simpler – one of each position and a wildcard from any part of the pitch

Not even the best of us can be an expert on every team in global football. So what factors are helpful in narrowing down your selection? Here at Sorare Hub we all tend to focus in on the following six top tips:

Picking Your SO5 Team – SO5 Strategy Guide

  1. Will he play? Did Not Play (DNPs) kill even the best GameWeek entry. Try and be as confident as possible on team news, injuries and suspensions before selecting a player. For team news, Google Translate is your friend – match previews and manager’s press conferences from all over the world are available at the click of a button. Injuries and suspensions are tracked through into SorareData – select “Your Players Breakdown” from the account button to get an at a glance view of known player availability. 
  1. How strong are the opposition? This is where football knowledge really comes into its own. Do you have a striker playing up against a particularly poor defence? Do you have a defender who has to deal with a really challenging opponent? Look at league tables to determine the relative strength of your players’ opponents. For those with access to betting lines, Match Odds make a great proxy for a quick view of expected game outcomes. 
Match odds offer a great opportunity to asses the relative strength of two teams. In this example, Real Madrid have a 35.7% chance of beating their city rivals.
  1. How powerful are your cards? Choosing between players of similar scoring ability can be tough. If in doubt, prioritise those with high card bonuses for extra power. 

Sign-up to Sorare!

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  1. Are you using historical data properly? Good data on the past can be a great insight into future performance. But don’t be too enticed by a handful of green numbers in the last few games. Yes, player confidence is important but sports psychology studies have shown that “form” is often overvalued by those appraising player performance. A player who scored 80 last time out is no more likely to score 80 again than a player who scored 40 in his last game. Use a longer term look back over 15 or 40 games to get a better sense of a player’s ability to hit a high score. These data are easily available on makes it easy to assess the form of your cards over their last 5, 15 and 40 games, including the % of games they’ve been involved in.
  1. Who’s your captain? The man who gets the armband is a crucial decision for any Sorare manager. An additional 20% could easily make the difference between winning a prize and leaving with nothing at the end of a GameWeek. Considerations to take into account include – picking your most consistently high scoring player and maximising the advantage of weak opposition. Getting this decision right isn’t easy but you can improve your chances by working it through logically. 
Choose your captain with care – bonuses can make all the difference
  1. Do you need a differential? This may apply more to divisions 2 and 3 but keep in mind the utility of card combinations that nobody else will use. This may be the final consideration for you after applying the advice above but for those with growing collections, fielding unique team combinations really can make a difference. 

Tracking your teams

Scores are updated live on game days on the website. Use this for a quick view on your team performance during games (Live) or their scores after a match (Pending). It’s worth remembering that all scores are liable to change overnight as OPTA continually make adjustments to their recorded data after a match has finished. offers an additional view which many managers find incredibly helpful. Navigate to the SO5 GameWeek centre and select the Rankings section. This page shows your current position and where those other managers are around you with their scores and cards still left to play. If you’re in the prize positions towards the end of a GameWeek you’ll find yourself here regularly checking for those last few scores as the thrilling finish draws to a close. 

The taste of victory

So you put in a great score and finished in the prize positions. Well done! In an increasingly competitive game like Sorare this is a definite achievement. So what can you expect to show for your efforts? Firstly, head over to the “Prize Pool” at the bottom of the “Play” section. From here you can find which rewards are available in both ETH and Reward Cards. 

Use the Prize Pool feature to better understand what Rewards you could win for a high performing GameWeek.

Cards are linked to the division in which they’ve been won. So a win in Champion America will yield a card eligible in that division for example. Prizes are announced the day after a GameWeek finishes which means you will discover your rewards on Tuesdays and Fridays under the current system. 

Be Lucky

We can’t promise that by taking all of the above into account you will sweep the boards to victory. Neither can we assure you that this is all in your control – a frozen pitch, a Covid outbreak, even an injury in the warmup can strike unexpectedly. As in any other game, luck plays a strong suit in your overall performance. What you can do best however is stack the deck in your favour with solid logic and a refined strategy. This doesn’t mean winning rewards every GameWeek is a realistic outcome to hold on for, but increasing your success rate could make a huge difference over the course of a season. 

We hope you found this SO5 strategy guide helpful – good luck!

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