Player Analysis: Orkun Kokcu – Sorare

Orkun Kokcu is a name that most people on Sorare will be familiar with. Kokcu is one of the brightest prospects in the Eredivisie and is having a good season for Feyenoord. He has 18 starts in the Eredivisie this season and has been a mainstay as Feyenoord try and make a late charge for the Champions League spots. This boy is seriously talented and I say boy as he is only 20 years of age. Disclaimer I own him, not that you can really pump players on Sorare!

Youth Career – Player Analysis: Orkun Kokcu

I do have some of the early data from the UEFA Youth League and just looking at some of the highlights from those games he always looked like he as too good for that level. A particular standout match was when he scored two in the 4-3 defeat of Napoli under 19s. He absolutely ran the game and it would soon become apparent that he was making his way to the senior team. He even popped up with a goal in the UEFA U19 European Championships in Germany’s 4-1 defeat of the Netherlands; Kokcu has since however switched his allegiance to his native Turkey.

Senior Team Breakthrough – Player Analysis: Orkun Kokcu

During the 2018-19 season Kokcu broke into the Feyenoord first team squad managing 8 league appearances in between appearances for the youth team. In his 564 minutes he recorded for the first team that season he recorded 3 goals and 3 assists. I am sure it is at this point the Feyenoord management team realised what a good player they have on their hands. In the 2019-2020 season he amassed 22 appearances for Feyenoord in the league and 9 appearances in the Europa League. This is where we have some juicy data to look into, as well as this season which later in this article I will show why he scores so well on the matrix. Small disclaimer, I am only looking at League and Continental Cup competition data as they are the only SO5 eligible games.

SO5 Shooting Points – Player Analysis: Orkun Kokcu

One of the things I love about Kokcu is he loves a shot at goal, as you can see from the league shot map above from our partners SmarterScout he is not scared to shoot from anywhere. When it comes to scoring in SO5, Kokcu is able to amass good All Around Score. He does this with some of the nuances in the Scoring Matrix. A shot on target is worth 3 points and he does not get penalised for missing shots. Obviously we want him to score more goals, he only scored 3 goals in eligible SO5 games that season; cultivating an xG of 4.58. But these little things add up when it comes to scoring points. He had 60 shots on target that season with an accuracy of 40%; averaging 2.12 shots per game with an xG per match at 0.16.

It is much the same this season although his accuracy is slightly down. He has amassed 46 shots at goal so far, with an accuracy of 30.4%; coming in at an average of 2.35 shots per game with an xG of 0.11. He is slightly outperforming his xG as he has 3 goals this season at an average of 0.11. It is all within similar ranges though and all these little things add up.

Pass Master

Where Kokcu really excels on the matrix is passing points; This is down to two things, how talented he is and the gap in quality between the traditional big teams in Eredivisie and the smaller teams. Because of these factors Kokcu gets so much opportunity to play in the final third of the pitch! Ok so I am overshooting that he is a pass master but this is where Kokcu does amass points. The action map from SmarterScout shows you how much he gets forward and how much action he gets through in the opposition half.

Kokcu is averaging over 50 passes a match, finding his man 84.4% of the time. The above also shows you the positions that he receives the ball. This was taken from the FC Emmen match. It is from these positions that he is able to get the ball to the final third. Wyscout has Kokcu averaging 7.65 final third passes a game with him finding his man over 75% of the time.

The Sorare View

From a Sorare point of view I think Kokcu is serious value, I will be playing him in my under 23 squad for the foreseeable. He currently is only 20 years of age and by my estimations you will get another 4 years of utility out of him in the Under 23 division. You can also play him in Global and European Challenger divisions. There is also another aspect to consider, European clubs are starting to pay serious interest in this boy. I think it is only a matter of time before another club buy him. I am unsure what, if any financial implications their have been on Feyenoord during the Coronavirus pandemic; but will they be able to fend off a big bid I doubt it. If Kokcu ends up at a club that is not licensed by Sorare then their will also be limited supply of cards as no more will be minted. With all this in mind, I think he is reasonably priced if you are looking into picking him up. He has buy now prices between £375-£500 currently which given he is only 20 is a steal in my eyes. People need to start doing the maths on these youngsters; lets say you pay smack in the middle of that spread £425. Now if he plays in a covered league till he is 32 (at least) thats around 35 quid per season, on a game by game basis that is less than £1 a game. I honestly think that people are sleeping on these youngsters and users need to start planning long term but that will be for another series over the summer as I profile young talent in depth. Disclaimer this is only one mans opinion, you buy him at your own risk!

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