Player Analysis: Gianluca Busio – Sorare U23 Scouting

Player Analysis: Gianluca Busio – Sorare U23 Scouting

This article is the player analysis of Gianluca Busio. The talented young man is currently starring in the MLS for Sporting Kansas City. With the European leagues now on a pre-season break, the MLS offers lots of nicely priced options if you want to stay engaged with the platform. Busio is one of the under 23 stars currently and his price is still growing. But just how good is he?

It has been a rapid rise for the young midfielder; in 2017 he signed a home grown contract with Kansas. This made him the youngest player to do so since Freddy Adu in 2004. After starring for Kansas City’s affiliate side Swope Park Rangers Busio then went on to make his first team debut early n the 2018 season and has never looked back.

Player Analysis: Gianluca Busio – What Type Of Player Is He

At the young age of 19 Busio is one of the most composed midfielders in the MLS. Sporting Kansas usually play 4-3-3 or 4-1-4-1, with Busio playing the single pivot. However he is hardly a typical enforcer type midfielder in that role. He is responsible for recycling possession and and setting up the attack and counters. He plays a similar role to a certain Joshua Kimmich not that I am saying Busio is in that class. But he certainly has some interesting stats especially ones that benefit the Sorare matrix.

The main attribute that Busio has in my opinion is a unique understanding of spatial awareness. He is always available for a pass and uses that space to beat his marker. The above image shows a potentially dangerous position for Kansas City. However the tackle is made and the ball lands at Busio’s feet.

This is still a fairly dangerous situation for Busio, the attacker has carried on his run and is going to press him and try and force an error. He could make a quick pass to either of the defenders highlighted on the image above and they could try to clear the ball. However coaches who like to play a progressive passing type of game do now want players to do that. Kansas like to keep the ball on the floor and play what we call a much more “cultured” tactic. Busio is already aware of the time and space that he will have on his blindside and that he has players unmarked over that side.

Player Analysis: Gianluca Busio – Working The Space

Busio uses his body to shield the ball and cut off the press from the player who lost the ball. Because he was aware of the space on the right hand side of the pitch and the fact he turned his body this opened up the other ide of the pitch. Busio then has the option to pass to either of the to players. He actually passes to the centre-back and Minnesota stop their press and begin to get back into their shape.

Gianluca Busio: Player Analysis – Sorare Scores

This guy is in red hot form currently, in his last 5 he has an average of 70, this is helped massively by the fact he has recently scored 100 points last time out vs Houston. However before that his last 3 scores where over 60. He is what I call a 5 tool player as he regularly hits multiple stars in the 5 scoring categories on Sorare. Passing and defensive stats are this guys bread and butter. He currently averages 43.55 passes with an accuracy of 86.4% a game so far this season, however this is hugely effected by him playing out of position early in the season even spending time up front. Since moving back to his natural position he is currently averaging 61.25 with an accuracy of 91.5.

Busio also gets through a fair amount of defensive work and this greatly contributes to his scores. He regularly picks up the “double double” bonus. Possession won and interceptions are where he does most of the work, if he could get a positive amount of duels won he would get the “triple triple” bonus and would be elevating himself onto Kikuchi level.

If you do check Busio out on Fbref (which you can do here) just be careful because of him playing out of position early in the season some of his stats are skewed. I used Wyscout to look at his stats more in depth from his recent matches back in his normal position.

With all that being said now he is back into his normal position he is going to attain good scores consistently, I doubt he puts in back to back 200 scores, that was solely down to him getting 2 goal contributions. That is not something he does often.

Transfer Rumours

This is the huge caveat with this talented young man, teams in Europe have started to take a huge interest in him. Defensive midfielders who can get through the defensive work that he can whilst also having the passing range and high football IQ that Busio does are always going to attract attention. Also shock horror given his name he does hold an Italian passport and has been heavily linked to Serie A. I do think he is good enough to play in Europe eventually but would like to see him have at least one more season in MLS to continue to get the gametime. Eventually though this young man is going to move to Europe and be the MLS latest big export.

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