Player Analysis: Ayase Ueda Sorare Under 23 Scouting

Player Analysis: Ayase Ueda Sorare Under 23 Scouting

Ayase Ueda is one of the brightest talents amongst the current crop of young players bursting through at Kashima Antlers. Since he first broke into the first team in 2019 he has developed at a rapid rate and is currently one of the biggest talents in the J-league. But what you want to know is if you are building a Sorare team for the summer should you be considering Ueda? Time for a deep dive and some player analysis. Disclaimer: I own Ueda, I rate him highly for an under 23 J-League forward and no plan to sell. If you ever wanna check my gallery to see if I am putting my money where my mouth is click here.

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Player Analysis: Ayase Ueda A Rapid Rise

Ayase Ueda first burst on to the scene in 2019; 686 minutes split across the league and cup competitions resulted in 4 goals. The majority of his appearances where less than 30 minutes but his talent was obvious. Despite his limited appearances he averaged 0.52 goals per 90 minutes and clocked an xG of 0.46. I have been back and watched some tape via Wyscout namely the performance against Shimizu S-Pulse where Kashima Antlers won 4-0. Ueda returned two goals that day; two back post tap ins but that is what I liked about this performance. He was a centre-forward doing what centre-forwards are supposed to do. As you can see from his 2019 shot map he gets shots off in great positions.

Player Analysis: Ayase Ueda 2020 Season

Last season was when Ueda really broke out and performed! He scored 10 goals across all competitions as he clocked nearly 1300 minutes. As you can see from the shot map he is getting into those classic centre-forward positions when getting chances; which is really encouraging averaging 0.7 goals per game and amassing 0.6 xG per 90. He also managed 3.91 shots per game and with an accuracy of 39.3%; Ueda also averaged 5.52 penalty area touches a game. Ueda is more likely to score a shot than create one but he did average 0.84 shot assists; however the xA on these is a lowly 0.07. His crossing is at a lowly 0.77 per game and he finds his man 18.2% of the time. Not exactly prime Rui Costa when it comes to creating chances. However we can forgive that because he is such a threat in the box.

Player Analysis: Ayase Ueda 2021 and Beyond

So far this season Ueda has started all but one match, and has returned 4 goals across league and cup. He also is currently averaging 0.55 xG per game and also hitting 3.29 shots per 90 with an accuracy of 42.1%. His numbers are currently in range with last season and having scored 2 in his last 3, I am backing Ueda to better last seasons tally of 10 goals. The big question at the moment though is how does he fit into the new managers plans; after Naoki Soma replaced Zago. Athur Caike is training with the team after finally being allowed into the country and waiting in quarantine. He is predominantly a left sided player but can play all across the front. But I imagine he takes the left hand berth and hopefully this means Ueda and Everaldo in a partnership up front. However there is also Diego Pituca another new signing to fit into the midfield equation. I have given up trying to predict J-League rotation just have to hope he impresses the new coach enough to keep the jersey.

Sorare: Market Musings

I think from a Sorare point of view he looks fair value. I think the current listings are where people hoping his price would be as he is priced at 0.296 or £477 in Fiat on the secondary market. The recent auctions represented fair value especially if you are looking to build a under 23s or Champion Asian team. Scores do fluctuate from around the 30 mark to 50 and beyond. You are relying mainly on goal contributions by the looks of things.

But we can work with that if there is going to be more of them this season. I am backing my boy to score well over the summer, I will be a keen observer on how the new manager sets his team up. Hope you enjoyed the article and if you have not joined our discord you should seriously consider joining that here or reading some more of our scouting articles here.

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