New To Sorare – 5 Things To Do Before You Sign Up To Sorare

New To Sorare – 5 Things To Do Before You Sign Up To Sorare

Are you new to Sorare, well this article is aimed at preparing you for the platform. Before you dive in and start buying players you definitely need to be looking into setting up a few things. Luckily for you guys, Sorare Hub is on hand to help with getting your Sorare journey started. Sit back grab a coffee and give us 5 minutes of your time!

Are You New To Sorare?

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1. Establish How You Are Going To Deposit

There are multiple ways to deposit onto the platform; the problem is they all have varying degrees of costs incurred to you the user. I think I would be right in saying that Ramp is now the cheapest way to deposit. Ramp are now on the Stark network along with Sorare and this has significantly reduced gas fees; not only that it has increased the speed you also recieve your ETH, no more waiting hours and sometimes days for it to arrive.

You could also go down the Coinbase route but this will incur higher gas fees than Ramp. Also you could buy your ETH from whichever exchange you favour but again bear in mind that you will incur two lots of gas fees.

You can also buy on credit/debit card, some cards incur a fee, but if you can get a credit card that does not incur fees for foreign transactions then you are safe to buy from auction in my experience without incurring further costs. There is still a 10% charge for buying on the secondary market. But for now Ramp is the cheapest way to deposit onto the platform.

2. Download A Good Crypto Wallet

If you are entering the world of crypto for the first time having a good Crypto wallet is a must. You may wish to withdraw your funds at some point and keep them in a wallet. You may also wish to withdraw your cards from the platform and sell them elsewhere. A good wallet is also a good way to keep an eye on crypto prices. The wallet I currently use is Exodus, I am not going to tell you to download that one, but I find it really straight forward to use, it has over 100 coins if you wish to convert ETH to another coin and their support are pretty good and fast at answering questions in my experience. But find one that suits your needs!

3. Make A Discord Account or Join Some Discords

A discord account is an absolute must if you do not have one prior to joining the platform. If you are new to Sorare, Discord is the way that people are able to connect with you and make deals. There is also the main discord where you can join in discussion about the platform and keep up to date with the latest announcements. Sorare Hub also has a growing discord community and we are looking into creating some discord tools that will be useful for you guys the users. There is a big Join Our Discord button at the top of this page if you would like to join.

4. Sign Up To Sorare Data

Technically you should do this after you create your Sorare account but you can do this before; its just that crucial I wanted to include it. Sorare Data is an integral part of your Sorare Journey. You can keep up with all the latest auction prices and compare them to all the historic prices too. Also you can look at all the historic scores of players, this is really useful and a lot more insightful than the last 5 scores you can see on the main Sorare website. You can also search for cards based on lots of different parameters. They also run lots of competitions that you can enter with your Sorare cards alongside the main Sorare competions. There is a lot more that they cover, its a pretty comprehensive website; like I say it is an integral part of your journey.

5. Download A Comprehensive Football Scores App

If you want to keep up to date with all the latest scores and player performances from around the world then this step is pretty important. There are many apps out there; I personally like Sofa Score. You can look up all the scores from around the globe on Sofa Score. You can also set push notifications for players which is really useful to keep on top of players starting games. It also gives you stats from these games too and you also have the Sofa Score rating, this is irrelevant in terms of their Sorare score but handy if you want to know if your player had a good game.

And Finally!

I know this is 5 things to do before you sign up to Sorare, however this 6th and final step for all you new to Sorare people; go and digest some of the Sorare Hub content. We have lots of comprehensive guides, we have a beginners guide here, also we have a scoring matrix guide here and an experiment on returns on the highest costing cards here.