Is Sorare Worth It? – A Road To Glory Story

Is Sorare Worth It? – A Road To Glory Story

Is Sorare worth it? The eternal burning question. It is an easy question to answer for me obviously it is a huge yes, as I am a big advocate of the platform. However you have to be aware of the risks and also only spend what you can afford. This is in no way shape or form financial advice. In this series I am going to see how far I can go with my small gallery and try and win more cards and ETH prizes. With the long term aim being able to win enough cards to move up to the super rare level.

The platform is currently seeing another surge in growth and card prices are rising, this includes in the limited scarcity and at the time of writing a Kylian Mbappe Limited card will cost you a cool 3.3k. So when people ask me is Sorare worth investing in I have to say yes. I am not advising that you ape in and start spending your life saving on Mbappe cards. But if you have the cash and have an avid interest in football then Sorare is definitely a platform worth your time and money.

In this series as already stated I will be building a limited squad primarily focused on the Champion Europe division and also building a rare team with the focus on hitting the upper threshold in Global Allstar Division 4 (GAS4). I will then build from there and through planning and a bit of luck I will be hoping to expand my gallery significantly. I will outline my journey in this blog post and I hope you enjoy my journey.

Are You New To Sorare?

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Champion Europe Limited – Is Sorare Worth It

Champion Europe is were the most valuable prizes are so it makes sense that I focus on this division. Also it is my opinion that Sorare also has to be fun; trying to win prizes in this division will offer me the most fun and watch some of the best European football. Whilst my squad will not be filled with superstars it will have some very capable SO5 scorers. I hope that with a bit of luck and landing on the right side of variance I can win some very good prizes.

The squad I have attempted to build is very similar to something you might find at an underdog team when playing Football Manager. What I have tried to build here is a team that is capable of competing over multiple seasons. I have attempted to take a long term view in that over the course of a European season I will hopefully be able to compete over 40 something gameweeks. My strongest team will enter Champion Europe and my “second team” if you like will go into Global. From there I will hope to win prizes that fill out other teams or win prizes I can sell to buy other cards and strengthen that way. I don’t think I will be competing for prizes every week but I hope that I can be competitive and land in the top 20 places 5 times a season.

Goalkeepers and Defenders

My first order of business was to try and win a bundle that had a decent goalkeeper in; however I still wanted to get value for money. I ended up winning a Lazio bundle that had Thomas Strakosha and Pepe Reina. Reina held the number 1 spot earlier in the season and gradually Strakosha then took over. Either way I am covered and both have decent scores and offer me a decent building block to build my SO5 side on. From my limited research appears the Albanian goalkeepers contract expires at the end of the season, Lazio look keen to extend but no deal has been agreed yet, this is something to keep an eye on.

Also in this bundle I won Francesco Acerbi and Luiz Felipe, Acerbi is currently out injured with a muscle injury but will be back in the coming weeks. I imagine he is overlooked because of his age however he has a L15 of 63 and a L40 of 60. He scores for fun and if you are building a side on a budget is one to consider. Luiz Felipe is also really solid option too and has an L40 of 53 he is also capable of scoring over 60 or 70 points per gameweek and gives me the option of playing 2 at the back.

The Non-Lazio Option

So I am not hugely reliant on the Lazio backline I have also brought in a man who needs no introduction, Jordi Alba. He is currently in the twilight of his career but as you can see from the graphic above from FBREF he is still one of the best fullbacks around and is really a steady scorer on SO5 with an L40 of 58. When it comes to SO5 I do like being able to play 2 defenders and having these guys gives me this option.

Midfielders – Is Sorare Worth It

Also in the bundle was Luis Alberto he is currently in very good form and bagging decisive scores as he adjusts to Maurizio Sarri’s methods. He is one of Lazio’s main creators currently in the 90 something percentile on FBREF for attacking stats, he is averaging an xA of 0.29 whilst also averaging 4.74 shot actions per match.

I also ended up buying Sergej Milinkovic-Savic separately as he is a player I really enjoy watching, when it comes to SO5 his scores go through peaks and troughs; relying on decisives to get the really big scores. I have also decided to buy Rodrigo Bentancur, he has now moved to Tottenham Hotspur and there will be no more mints of his card until the Premier League is onboarded. I believe that he will be a steady scorer and will end up being a key part of Antonio Conte’s midfield, he has been crying out for some creativity and the Uruguayan offers him just that.

The last midfielder I bought Rodrigo De Paul, he was a player I really enjoyed watching at Udinese however he has since moved to Atletico Madrid and this is a club where creative players go to die. He has a couple of ok scores but honestly not someone I expect to be using heaps. I just wanted to own his card.

Forwards – Is Sorare Worth It

I have invested the most money in my forward line; the star of the show is obviously Nabil Fekir, he is an absolutely outstanding footballer. It seems he has put his fitness issues behind him and is playing some of his best football at Betis. When he is in the mood he absolutely shreds points, he can create as well as score goals, evidenced by the fact he averages 0.29 goals per game and 0.20 assists according to FBREF. When Betis are playing the right team then he is certainly captain material.

The other key man in the forward line is Rafael Leao, he has really come into his own at AC Milan this season and has recently signed a new deal till the year 2026. His recent form has seen him have a surge in popularity on the platform. He has 4 goals in his last 7 appearances and the left sided forward will be looking to continue his form as Milan challenge for the Scudetto. Ultimately it gives me an excuse to watch my first love when it comes to football The Rossoneri!


Also offering depth to my forward line is Iker Muniain, the man from Bilbao is such a steady scorer in SO5 he has a L40 of 59 and if you look at the spread of scores even in tough weeks you would be hoping for at least a 50. Always involved for Bilbao he seems to have been playing football forever I swear I was about 12 when he made his debut!

Bringing up the rear is Zlatan, the man needs no introduction, at the tender age of 39 he is still going stong and is showing no signs of slowing down. I doubt that he retires at the end of this season and he scores really well in SO5. Will he carry on at Milan after this season? I have no idea but honestly I just wanted to own a Zlatan card.

Winning Cards and Expansion – Is Sorare Worth It

As you can see although my squad is not filled with superstars it offers some decent scoring potential when it comes to SO5. The hope is to be on the right side of that variance and win prizes; I have spent a total of £2069 or around 1 eth give or take. Hopefully these prizes then exceed the value of the squad I have put together. I have already entered 2 weekends of SO5 and seen both sides of variance.

The first weekend I finished 16th in Champion Europe one place off winning a tier 0 card! The card I won was Reims goalkeeper Pedrag Rajkovic and he has been selling from £300-£350 pound. This prize is worth around 14.5% of my investment. In the next weekend however I finished in the 2000s winning nothing, so I do not expect to be winning a prize of this quality every week. As much as I will need luck with landing on the right side of variance you can also see how over the long term and multiple seasons this investment will be worth it.

The Rare Squad – Is Sorare Worth It

This is the rare squad I have put together, excuse Leroy Fer he was an impulse bid that I won on the 1/100. The aim of this squad along with a common keeper is to hit as many ETH thresholds as possible over the next 8 or 9 months in the Asian football season. This team is just filled with solid scorers, but if I get lucky and Leandro and Alano put a shift in on the same weekend I may get lucky and win a rare card or two. However the primary focus is for this team to win as many ETH thresholds as possible. If you are wondering I spent £400 on Yuki Soma bringing the total cost of this team to £1,594; lets see how long it takes me to earn that back through prizes and sales!

Alano, Soma and Leandro all play under attacking coaches and their teams should be involved in plenty of goals. The issue as always with Asia is that there can be random transfers, team news can sometimes be hard to come across and rotation can kill your team. But it is a really fun region to be involved in and J-league is always fun to watch on a Saturday morning. I have my Sorare Japan subscription at the read and lets see what happens!


I hope that you enjoyed the opening blog post for my new Sorare journey. If you ever want to check my gallery you can do so here and check out how the gallery is looking. I will aim to post an update once a month and hopefully there will be lots of prizes to show off! My total spends are £3,663, and according to Soraredata my current roster price is £4,315; this is a nice little rise but there is a long way to go.

Thanks for reading maybe check out our beginners tutorial here!