Introducing the PlayerInfo bot

PlayerInfo is our brand new Sorare data bot for the Sorare Hub discord!

Avaiable to all Sorare Hub discord users, just type /playerinfo into any channel followed by the player name of interest, example /playerinfo Paul Pogba

The bot will bring back your player info instantly. It returns such data as L(x) Average score data, last auction and last trade prices. Brilliant for doing research on the go via the discord app.

By default, any reports run will only be seen by you, regardless of what channel you run this from, so don’t worry about cluttering up any channels. Should you want to share your results with the rest of the community and get a conversation going, just click ‘Publish‘ at the bottom of the report and the bot will make the results of your report available to everyone else in the channel.

We will be making further improvements to the bot as the new season progresses

Not a member yet? Then Join our free Discord and get using our brand new bot now.

Enjoy and any feedback be sure to let us know in the discord #feedback-for-us channel