How Profitable is Sorare – Most Expensive Players Analysis

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How Profitable is Sorare – Most Expensive Players Analysis

Sorare is a global fantasy football game that operates on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing managers to earn from playing the game by entering their NFTs into tournaments to win prizes. So with that in mind I have created a hypothetical experiment; to see how much you could earn if you were to purchase 12 of the most expensive players on Sorare. So simply just how profitable is sorare?

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The How Profitable Is Sorare Experiment

Although this experiment seems very simple, there are a number of assumptions and factors that would not be exactly the same if you actually purchased these players back in November, or when first available on Sorare. These are a few:

  • I will assume there is no card bonus to give the lowest possible team score. Therefore will be underestimating results.
  • Card prices are taken from the auction that took place nearest to the start date (20th November 2020), or first available card from offers that are not 1st editions. 
  • I have taken the best 5 S05 scores possible from the gallery and compared it to the Global All Star Division 4 results. This is of course nearly impossible to select the best team every game week. But using GAS D4 and no card bonuses, I believe this is somewhat of a leveller. 
  • Rewards are taken using the Sorare Data rewards tool to find previous week prize distributions relating to your finishing position.

The Players

Returning to the much more fun stuff, I will now show you the 12 players that I have selected:

As you can see from the table of players, I have selected 3 players from each position. This is purely to keep things balanced and is not advice on constructing a gallery; there are thousands, if not more of different ways to do this. 

The table displays the price points I will be using for this experiment, with the bulk of the cost of this gallery coming from just 4 players as the forwards and Joshua Kimmich make up just below 13 Ethereum (65%) of the 20 Ethereum total cost.

The Scores

Every score from each of the 12 players has been recorded since Game Week 118; which is when the current iteration of S05 scoring began. If the players were not available to purchase on Sorare from this game week, I have recorded their scores from the first game week they were available to purchase. From this data, I have taken the best players possible from within this selection of players to form a team score, as mentioned in the assumptions of this experiment.

The results from this showed the team of selected players exceeding the 205 threshold score 39 times and the 250 threshold score 34 times from the 61 game weeks covered. One podium place was also secured in Game Week #152, earning an additional 0.2 Ethereum. Therefore a total of 0.93 Ethereum was earned via payouts. 

With the selection of players combining together to form some impressive team scores there have been prizes won on 20 different occasions. As stated in the assumptions, the rewards have been taken from the Sorare Data rewards tool to work out the hypothetical prize of the selected team. The table below displays this outcome.

The Prizes

A very tidy 4.433 Ethereum’s worth of prizes definitely help to improve the depth of the gallery to enter additional tournaments if you so wish. Combining this with the Ethereum payouts received, we get a total of 5.363 Ethereum which gives us a 26.59% ROI on our initial investment with respect to Ethereum.

Highest Scoring Players

We can also analyse the number of times each of the players within the gallery would have been used given the highest scoring player is selected each time to form the strongest S05 line-up.

Thibaut Courtois leads the number of times selected for the Goalkeepers, Alphonso Davies for Defenders; Toni Kroos for the Midfielders, and Kylian Mbappe & Robert Lewandowski are equal on 11 times each for the Forwards.

Evaluating our overall position by considering the value of the gallery at the beginning of the experiment and at the end of the experiment. This can be done as a measure of Ethereum or in FIAT terms. Further considering the rewards and the value of the rewards to allow us to see what our position is today. I will do so in a number of simple steps.

Starting Ethereum Price (FIAT): $500

Current Ethereum Price (FIAT): $2,000

Initial Gallery Cost: 20.173 Ethereum (approximately $10,086.00 at the time of purchase).

Current Gallery Value: 19.911 Ethereum (a pproximately $39,822.00 using Sorare Data)

The Returns

Total Rewards Value: 5.363 Ethereum ($10,726.00)

Change in Gallery Value: 0.262 Ethereum Decrease. $29,735.50 FIAT Increase.

Including Rewards: 5.625 Ethereum Increase. $40,985.50 FIAT Increase.

Therefore, this would result in a massive 306% ROI! This is an absolutely monstrous figure when you consider just an 8 month time frame from the beginning to the end of the experiment. It also shows that by owning your favourite players in the form of NFTs; the outcome can be both extremely enjoyable and financially rewarding. 

I hope this experiment has given you an insight into what can be achieved by picking the right line-ups on Sorare. Of course not everyone is able to have this exact gallery or be able to afford this exact gallery, but by having a gallery of strong S05 performers you will be able to really enjoy Sorare and benefit financially from playing such a fantastic game.

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