Sorare – The Importance Of Hitting Global Threshold

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Sorare – The Importance Of Hitting Global Threshold

In recent weeks, Sorare has seen a huge influx of new users. Understanding the intricacies of the Global All Star Division 4 tournament can pay dividends in the long run to the success of your Sorare journey. This blog post will look to answer two fundamental questions involving this tournament. What does Global All Star Division 4 consist of, and how can I perform well in this tournament consistently? With this in mind we shall also discuss further elements, such as budgeting and which players, teams or leagues to target.

What does Global All Star Division 4 consist of?

This particular S05 tournament on Sorare offers a prize for the top 130 team score, which is the highest number of prizes awarded of all tournaments. The Global All Star Division 4 tournament is also unique as it offers two threshold payments, which are described below.

  • Scoring 205 or more points rewards the manager with a 0.01 Ethereum payment.
  • Scoring 250 or more points rewards the manager with a further 0.01 Ethereum payment, totalling 0.02 Ethereum.

We would assume, with more and more new users joining Sorare, the number of teams entered in the Global All Star Division 4 tournament will increase at a similar rate. Therefore, it would suggest placing within the top 130 places becomes increasingly more difficult as you have to finish higher than a greater percentage of other teams. Within recent weeks of writing this, there have been occasions in which less than 5% of teams entered will place in the top 130 teams. However, the ability to reach the threshold payments are not impacted by the scores of other teams, which makes this element of the tournament all about how you and your chosen team perform.

How can I perform well in Global All Star Division 4 consistently?

To perform well in Global All Star Division 4, we must first gain an understanding of what it takes to achieve the threshold payments, to win a Tier 3 Rare card and to place on the podium. To do this, we shall look at previous scores to gather a ballpark figure for each of the progressive achievements. The table below also shows the average Card Score required per position to win a prize in the Global All Star Division 4 tournament.  

We can see that a 62.21 average card score is very achievable to win a prize in addition to the 0.02Eth on offer each Game Week. Particularly if you are able to increase those card bonuses up over time to 10% per player. At SorareHub, we believe there are a number of approaches you can take to building your team for Global All Star Division 4, which we will now go through.

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SO5 Strategy


  • Selecting a team of players which do not share the same club in any combination. Therefore, you are not heavily exposed to a poor team result within the Game Week. It is very possible a player can score 80+ points despite having played in a defeat. 


  • A term that may be familiar with any avid Fantasy Football players outside of Sorare. This is where you select multiple players that play for the same team. There can also be different ways in which you stack a team selection. You may fill your team with any particular multiple of players, whether it be a stack of two or you select all five players from the same team. You may wish to stack a particular area on the pitch, such as stacking your attacking players from one team and your defensive players from another.

Fixture Difficulty

  • Selecting a team based on fixture difficulty may also implement either of the two previous approaches to selecting a team. You may wish to diversify your team by selecting number players from different teams who all have favourable team fixtures. You may also wish to stack areas of your team based on their fixture in the Game Week ahead. 

Each approach will also largely depend on the cards you have in your gallery and how you also wish to navigate the other tournaments available to enter on the same Game Week. However, we strongly advise new Sorare users to focus the Global All Star Division 4 to win that 0.02 Ethereum on offer every Game Week. Good luck!

If you are new to Sorare then why don’t you try our beginners guide which you can find here.