1) We Own A Football Club – A Footium Introduction

1) We Own A Football Club – A Footium Introduction

Footium is a football strategy based game where you can own your very own football club. Having full ownership of the club’s assets with the opportunity to win prizes. Footium has many similarities with the traditional football manager style games, but as described by the founders of the game, club owners will be rewarded for their skill level by winning trophies and earning money. As individuals, we are really excited to see this project take off. We have also been lucky enough to receive a club from Footium, making us the proud owners of Eccrinnymough.

The crest of Eccrinnymough
The kits of Eccrinnymough

So many are currently playing games similar to Footium for hours on end, but without the ownership and possibility to be rewarded for their efforts and level of skill. Footium is also a unique game in which all clubs, players and staff have been randomly generated. Players will develop in a way which mirrors real life football, peaking towards their 30’s. Once players retire there becomes the opportunity to keep on the assets you own as a staff member such as coach. In game tokens can also be staked in order to increase club moral, in-game performance and further uses.

The game is about to enter its beta stage, with players getting early access in order to give the Footium team feedback before its official release. Further details on how the game will operate will also be released in a matter of weeks. We will begin our journey with Eccrinnymough in Division 4, League 8 (As shown below). If you are the owner of a club in this league, good luck!

League table Eccrinnymough will begin in

There are 8 Divisions in the game constructed in a way that resembles the English football pyramid system. Therefore, there are more leagues within Division 8 than the ones above it. Each league has 12 teams within it, and the table below displays the number of teams within each division. From this we can see Division 1 has 1 league of 12 clubs. Division 2 has 2 leagues of 12 clubs. Division 3 has 4 leagues of 12 clubs and so on.

Footium is a game we are really looking forward to. It has an ever developing community which can be found on Discord. You may also see some owners creating Twitter accounts for their clubs. Due to the structure of the game, each club will likely encounter their owner issues to overcome each season. Should you be loaning your academy players out? Should you make use of loanees from more developed clubs? Or should you make use of your academy players yourself.

If Footium is a game you wish to get involved in, do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions. Clubs can be purchased from OpeaSea here.