A Beginner’s Guide To Sorare: How to get started

A Beginner’s Guide To Sorare: How to get started

Sorare is the next generation in fantasy football, however it is a complex beast. This a complete beginners guide to Sorare, it covers every step you need to take to get started start on the platform. This complete beginners guide to Sorare is just the remedy if you are thinking about taking the plunge and need things explaining in greater detail. We have recently made a new up to date beginners guide which you can find here.

A Beginner’s Guide To Sorare

If you have not yet signed up to Sorare then use our referral link and click the image below, upon buying 5 rare cards at auction you will receive a free rare card.

Sorare is a fantasy football game available globally, played using your choice of licensed digital cards. These cards can be used collectively to enter tournaments with the possibility to win even more cards; with significant cash prizes paid in the form of Ethereum, the currency used in Sorare. Ethereum (ETH) is the second largest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin and powers the blockchain technology which ensures your cards are unique and safely stored digital assets. In this blog we will provide 10 steps on how to get started on Sorare so that you can begin collecting your favourite players on this amazing platform.

1. Signing up

Every journey must begin somewhere. The signup process is very simple, as you can see from the signup screen below. All you need is to enter a valid email address, choose your manager name and create your own password.

If you are not signed up with Sorare yet, you can follow our link for a unique promo! You’ll receive a free rare card of potentially any value after purchasing five of your own at auction. By signing up using our link, it also grants you early access to our Discord server to chat and experience Sorare with the SorareHub team. If you follow our link and wish to claim you server access then get in touch for further details.

2. Receiving your free common cards

Once you have completed the sign up process you will immediately be able to claim your 12 free common cards. An example of a common card is displayed below. With these cards it enables you to enter The Rookie League. Tournaments will be explained further later in this guide, but The Rookie League allows new users to enter for free to play for 8 Game Weeks giving them the opportunity to win prizes. 

Common Cards are a great way to get you started with learning how tournaments work

If you want some further help on picking your cards to enter The Rookie League, do not hesitate to contact us via our socials. Common cards have very little value once your eligibility for the Rookie League comes to an end so do not worry too much about this step. One SorareHub author is ashamed to admit that he just pressed the “lucky dip” button for a random selection!

3. Receiving your free common cards

Possibly the most common question for new users is “How do I deposit to Sorare?”. We know this can feel a little bit daunting for those who haven’t dealt in crypto currencies like Ethereum before; that’s why we have created a guide on how to use your bank to deposit, you can find that here.

If you just want to know the basics however, read on! 

There are two main methods for depositing. You can get started by the way by using Ramp, a new service which is built into the Sorare front-end to make the process as simple as possible. The second option is to buy your ETH elsewhere and transfer it in using a crypto “wallet”.

Using Ramp For Depositing On Sorare

Using Ramp couldn’t be simpler and provides an easy way to purchase ETH without ever having to leave the Sorare website. For new users who are starting out with all things crypto, we would highly recommend taking this route. Deposits can be made by debit card and bank transfer; we would recommend taking a look at our article here to learn more about which UK banks work best with Ramp.

Power users or those who are familiar with cryptocurrencies will want to purchase their ETH elsewhere and transfer that into the game. Again, Sorare makes this very simple by linking your account to an app such as Coinbase Wallet. Here at SorareHub we would recommend this approach and buying your ETH from a trading platform of your choice. Many users choose CoinbasePro as a platform which allows maximum flexibility on placing orders to get the best possible price. From here, that ETH can be transferred to your Coinbase Wallet and then will become visible in your Sorare balance.

4. Researching

By this point you’re probably keen to start building your collection with household names from the world of football. We know how that feels – starting out with an empty gallery and a balance full of ETH; this is one of the most exciting points at the start of the Sorare journey! But who to buy? It pays to pause here and work out your strategy before pulling the trigger on those household names you recognise straight away. 

Firstly, what is it you’re trying to do? Are you a collector trying to build a store of cards which will hopefully appreciate in value? If so, take these points into account:

  • Is the player iconic or famous – will their name outlast their footballing career?
  • Is the card number a low serial? Collectors value low card numbers, particularly the all prestigious issue number 1.
  • How many potential cards are available on the platform? Some players have moved to unlicensed clubs since their card was issued. A player like Niels Nkounkou for example only has ten cards in circulation and may never have any more!

Building A Sorare Squad

More likely though is that you’re here because you want to build a collection of cards which can be used to challenge in tournaments and win prizes. Us too! This is the most exciting part of the game for us and really creates the USP of the Sorare product. Entering tournaments and scoring points is explained in more detail below; for now all you need to know is that players can score between 0 and 100 on a gameday. 

Researching and identifying high scoring players is one of the most rewarding parts of the whole Sorare experience. We’d recommend you head over to www.soraredata.com and login with your Sorare account. Early criteria for finding players should start with:

  • Does the player get plenty of gametime? As we will cover later on, players who do not play (DNP) score zero – with no substitutes available in the tournaments. DNPs can destroy the most hopeful looking entries so these are to be avoided at all costs.
  • What do the average scores of the player in the short, medium or long term look like?
  • How often does the player hit a “peak” score which will put you in with a high chance of posting a tournament winning score?

At SorareData you can look into the performance of any player in the entire Sorare universe to examine their average scores over the last 5, 15 and 40 appearances. Take time to explore SorareData and get familiar with it, you will spend a lot of time here! We will use a future article to help you become a SorareData “Power User” once you’ve got yourself started with building your collection.

5. Buying & Selling Cards

So, you’ve deposited your ETH, identified your top targets and now it’s time to go shopping! There are a few ways to make your money go slightly further, so read on to get started. There are two ways to buy player cards – either brand new cards freshly minted by Sorare or from other Sorare users in the marketplace.

Brand new cards are always sold at auction to give every manager a fair chance to buy any card. Prices are a good reflection of demand and Sorare very carefully creates new cards at a rate which reflects the underlying demand for certain players and cards in the wider gameworld. However, bear in mind a player can only have a maximum of 100 Rare, 10 Super Rare, and 1 Unique card per season.

Auctions are very simple. Bidding increases at minimum increments of 10% each time and each auction is time limited – whoever is the highest bidder when the clock reaches zero wins the card! Some important points to keep in mind:

Bidding Format

  • Bids made in the final minute reset the clock back to a fresh 60 second countdown. This is to prevent “sniping” and give users the best chance to get their bids in.
  • Auctions happen round the clock, all year long. It’s not unusual for desirable cards to finish in the middle of the night; Sorare is a truly global game and no one territory is expected to have special treatment. It’s not unusual for some managers to set alarms for 4.15am to try and grab a desired card at a cheaper price…..
  • Power Hours happen every Sunday evening (European time) and sometimes on a midweek evening as well. These designated times see 60 cards auctioned in 60 minutes. Whilst these are helpful to see high quality cards released quickly, sometimes these auctions finish with higher prices due to the high volume of users logged in.
  • One of the great things about buying cards from auction is the ability to use a Credit or Debit Card to bid and complete a purchase without having to deposit ETH into the platform. Losing bids are cancelled at the end of an auction without that money ever being taken against your card. Using a fee-free credit or debit card such as Starling or Monzo in the UK offers a great value way to buy players without having to pay ETH fees or deposit funds up front. Sorare does not charge any kind of fee for buying players in this way.

Buying cards on the secondary market is slightly different. Firstly, it is worth having an ETH balance in your account reserved for this purpose. Whilst Credit and Debit Cards can be used to buy cards from other Sorare users, Sorare do charge a 10% fee to process this transaction.

6. Entering Tournaments

Other top tips to note:

  • You can always make an offer for any card held by any manager. On the card screen, there is a prominent “make an offer” button which will send the offer directly to the manager who owns the card.
  • Cards which are listed for sale can vary wildly in price. Use SorareData to find out if any recent sales have occurred and what a baseline average price might be. Don’t overpay because it’s the only card for sale on the market.
  • Most cards can be picked up slightly cheaper by making an offer rather than paying full asking price. Keep in mind however that players which are in high demand may be snapped off the market at full value; a balanced approach is required.
  • A little courtesy goes a long way in the Sorare community. Take a look at the selling manager’s profile and see if they are on the Sorare official Discord. If you’re planning to make a direct offer for one of their cards we would always recommend dropping them a direct message first to negotiate a price. Good relationships are worth forming and maintaining for doing future business and building your standing and knowledge in the community.

Tournaments are widely considered the most enjoyable part of Sorare and give you the opportunity to win prizes, and everybody loves prizes! The prizes of S05 tournaments consist of player cards and Ethereum (Eth), and are awarded for finishing in set prize bands, established before the tournament begins. An example of a prize pool for the Global All Star Division 4 can be seen below.


A further breakdown will be explained on this list of prizes you have just seen in section 9 – “Winning Prizes”.

To make it possible to win prizes, you must first enter your chosen team into a tournament. Entry to all tournaments is completely free and requires you to enter a team consisting of 5 player cards: 1 each of the following.

  • Goalkeeper
  • Defender
  • Midfielder
  • Forward
  • Then 1 Extra – This player can be of any position)

Your team will then score points based on the players real life performances; this will be in their respective gameweek period. The goal of course, is to obtain the highest score possible, giving you the best chance to win prizes.

There are many different tournaments on Sorare, with Global and Regional tournaments having 4 different divisions to enter with further requirements to meet to take part for a varying degree of rewards. Therefore teams of similar strength will take on each other to win prizes.

Different scarcities allow access to higher divisions with bigger prizes. If you’re just starting out, you’ll be playing in Div 4 unless you have deep pockets and are already buying up Super Rare and Unique cards! Don’t let this put you off though, one of SorareHub’s founders recently won a European Division 4 week and picked up £250 in ETH and a card worth over £1,000 from a team which cost a fraction of that to assemble. Div 4 may be competitive but anyone can win it with the right card purchases and smart team selection.

7. Scoring Points

We have previously mentioned that players score points based on their real life performance. With that being said the score of a team entered into a tournament can be broken down into 3 elements. 

  • Player Score (PS): Calculated based on real life performances of the player during a game, ranging from 0 to 100. See further depth over on our “How To Enter Tournaments & Score Points on Sorare” guide.
  • Card Score (CS): Calculated by a simple formula.
    • Card Score (CS) = Player Score (PS) x (1 + Bonus %) 
  • Team Score (TS): A total of all 5 Card Scores.
    • E.g. 60 + 55 + 55 + 50 + 40 = Team Score: 260

Bonuses are built up through using this season’s cards and playing your cards regularly in tournaments.

Here on SorareHub we will also be publishing the latest results of previous Game Weeks to give you a further understanding of what it takes to win those prizes.

8. Winning Cards

Winning as many prizes as possible is the ultimate goal for managers, allowing you to build up and develop your gallery of cards on Sorare. This section is simple; once you win a prize, it is totally up to you what you do with it. If your prize is in the form of Ethereum you may wish to go bargain hunting for the next hidden gem. If your prize is a player card you may wish to use it to enter future tournaments and enhance your team’s success, or look to trade it with another manager using the marketplace. It is totally your call.

Don’t forget to tag us on any of our social media platforms to showcase your success!

9. Join The Official Discord Server

Here at SorareHub, we wish for you to have the best experience possible whilst using Sorare. Therefore, to further enhance your engagement we have noticed great success using social media platforms to follow, engage with and discuss topics involving Sorare. Using these platforms to connect with the fantastic community who are also collecting cards and competing for prizes in tournaments is a rewarding way of building your knowledge and enjoyment.

With this in mind, we have created a further post suggesting some of the best resources to use and accounts to follow to enhance your experience and further your enjoyment. This list contains the previously mentioned SorareDate and many other extremely useful sources.

10. #OwnYourGame

Our final piece of advice is actually not to give you any advice. Sorare allows you and many other managers to #OwnYourGame. If you wish to collect cards of Europe’s future stars, or build teams based around the depths of Asia, you are totally free to do so! Here at SorareHub we wish for all managers to have the most enjoyable and engaging experience possible on this fantastic and ever growing digital platform!

For further support, please do not hesitate to contact us via our social media platforms.

Good Luck!

Team SorareHub