Best Sorare Serie A Players From the 5 New Serie A Clubs

Best Sorare Serie A Players From the 5 New Serie A Clubs

New clubs are always exciting, so you can imagine how the Sorare community feels when 5 new clubs are introduced! Cagliari, Genoa, Verona, Sampdoria and Udinese have all been added to the platform and that means there’s a host of players managers have their eye on. We at Sorare Hub have got the pleasure of having some in depth analysis from Serie A expert Matt Santangelo coupled with some data provided by Buzzing Paul. This article will discuss the best Sorare Serie A players from these newly announced clubs.

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Best Sorare Serie A Players: Cagliari

Cagliari are one of a host of Serie A clubs engulfed in a relegation battle this season. Just 5 points separates Genoa in 13th to Benevento in 18th so it promises to be a very exciting climax at the foot of the table. Cagliari have been a side that regularly loses their top talent; the likes of Nicolo Barella for example flourishing as one of Italy’s top central midfielders in the 2020/21 season.

Joao Pedro

  • Joao Pedro has been Cagliari’s talisman. He has 15 goals and 3 assists in Serie A alone and were it not for the attacking midfielder Cagliari’s hopes of survival would probably be gone. Everything goes through him. He’s their go to guy and will be the reason they stay up, should they avoid the drop. 
    • The data: Joao Pedro has an Average So5 of 50.20 this season. However, based on his xGI output you could reasonably have expected better output this year as his Expected Average So5 slightly exceeded this at 51.8. Further, he showed some ability to hit a peak score compared to all Champion Europe midfielders. Hitting an Expected So5 score in the 95th percentile once this season (c. 3% of appearances), ranking him as the 7th best peak scorer amongst midfielders for the newly added Serie A teams. His highest score this season would have been 84.2 had he been on Sorare at the time in a 4-2 win vs Crotone where he contributed both a goal and an assist and he has achieved a score of 70 3 times this season.

Sebastian Walukiewicz

  • Sebastian Walukiewicz is one of the younger players profiled in this piece. A player who’s in and out the team, yet has a decent body of work considering his age and position. He’s been linked to various clubs in England in the past including Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United – but his next step up will likely be to a Lazio or Roma calibre side in Serie A a la Kumbulla. 
    • The data: First and foremost Walukiewicz hasn’t had minutes of late. So if you’re a Sorare u23 hoarder, this might be a player you take a long term approach with. His highest two scores this season have been 74 and 75, with his x total PPG coming out at 40.

Alessio Cragno

  • Alessio Cragno is one of the finer young goalkeepers in Serie A. He’s been unlucky to not have the defensive support he needs and playing for a relegation threatened team has both helped and hindered him. Only 4 teams in the league have conceded more goals than Cagliari so Cragno definitely has his work cut out, but at the same time is able to showcase his great shot stopping ability. A solid GK who will definitely make the step ups sooner rather than later and even relegation should see him stay in Serie A. Goalkeepers are a hot commodity in the Sorare world and Cragno could well be a Mike Maignan level card in the future with a better defence in front of him
    • The data: Cragno has had covid fairly recently so has missed the last 4 games. This season however he’s hit some very high scores as a keeper; his top 5 being 86, 83, 81, 75 and 70 respectively. That’s pretty damn good for a keeper who’s playing behind one the leakiest defenses in the division. 

Best Sorare Serie A Players: Genoa

Genoa probably need another 3 points to confirm their safety in the division, so they are all but safe. With Mattia Destro and Scamacca leading the line, this team has enough quality in the forward positions to win games in moments throughout the rest of the season. The veteran presence of Pandev, Criscito and Badelj also makes you think Genoa are pretty comfortable and won’t be threatened by relegation unless a seriously bad run comes their way – they’d probably have to lose nearly every game from here on out. 

Gianluca Scamacca

  • Scamacca is one of the most exciting prospects in Serie A at the moment. He’s a supreme athlete with an absurd leap, great with his back to goal and rated by many football writers as a top tier talent in Italy. Scamacca is fast, creative and great within the opposition box. He’s got size, power and can dribble blending great physical qualities with superb technical ability. He’s a Milan and Juventus target and I’m sure many other Serie A clubs will be itching to have him as part of their squad. He will likely however stay another year at Genoa. His goal record isn’t incredible, but it seems only a question of when, not if he explodes to regularly score 20+ goals a season in Serie A. 
    • The data: Scamacca’s Sorare scores are pretty consistent with someone his age; inconsistent. Not always guaranteed to start doesn’t help and his highest 3 scores this season have been 76, 77 and 78 respectively. He’s not exactly in the mould of a Leon Bailey, Larsson, Lang, Malen type who you’d play every other week in your u23 line ups, with Scamacca you’d have to really pick and choose. His upside probably means you’d be quite safe just holding him until next season, but for the rest of this one his utility may be fairly limited in terms of helping you win tournaments. 

Mattia Perin

  • Mattia Perin, the former Juve man will definitely going to be sold this summer. He’s a very solid starting Goalkeeper and has a ceiling of someone like a Fiorentina/Europa league regular. He probably won’t go somewhere to sit on the bench, so you should be fairly safe if he’s a keeper you go for. 
    • The Data: Perin has actually hit a 92 this season but there’s a steep drop down after that. His next highest score is 68 which is good for a keeper and his average for the previous 40 games is 43. 

Luca Pellegrini

  • Luca Pellegrini is one of the better fullbacks in Serie A. He’s quick and very good going forward and many Juventini are making the case that he should come back to Turin and help Juventus rebuild. He’s been around the block for someone his age but should really see the next couple seasons as important in his development whether that be at Juventus or elsewhere. This season he’s been absolutely riddled with injuries however and has not been able to really showcase his talents. Whether it be Covid, muscular injuries or ankle problems Luca has been incredibly unlucky. One for next season perhaps! 
    • The data: 4/17 appearances he has made this season have seen him hit scores of 60+. That’s actually pretty impressive considering how little football he’s played. If he can stay fit, he’s definitely one to watch for next season. 

Hellas Verona

Verona actually boast the joint 5th defensive record in the league alongside Milan meaning only the top 4 have conceded less goals than the 10th place side. Their very solid, structured and italian pragmatic approach to football this season has made them a fairly tough nut to crack. 

Mattia Zaccagni

  • Mattia Zaccagni is a dark horse to make Mancini’s Euro 2020 squad. He’s a late bloomer who has been at the heart of a lot of Verona’s attacking this season. 5 goals and 5 assists this season has been enough for Mancini to really consider him. 
    • The data: At one point this year, Zaccagni was hitting some super scores. He went through a period between GW110 and GW 138 where out of 15 scores, 10 were over 60, even hitting a 99 during that period. 

Federico Dimarco

  • Federico Dimarco is an Inter product who has been one of the better fullbacks in italy this season. He’s impressively their 3rd top goalscorer with 4 goals and also boasts 3 assists. Verona have an option to buy which they’d be pretty mad not to take up considering how important Dimarco has been to them
    • The data: Dimarco would have been a fairly solid u23 defender for your SO5 teams this season. With an average of 44 over his last 15 games and only 4 scores below 30 since GW 100 – his scores for a fullback aren’t terrible. Considering his attacking contributions you’d probably expect his scores to be higher – however his x total PPG comes in at 45, which is fairly consistent with his L5, L15 and L40. A fairly steady customer at the back. 

Best Sorare Serie A Players: Sampdoria

Sampdoria are a place where talent flourishes and they’re very good at flipping that talent for good profit. Expect some of the folks we profile here to be on their way for a reasonable fee in the future. Comfortably mid table, they’ll likely look to sell some of their assets in the summer – refresh, recycle and go again for another mid table finish. 

Omar Colley

  • Omar Colley is a good physical CB who wasn’t really getting many minutes prior to this season but has been very good this year. He’s a player that Samp will likely try and flip sooner rather than later whilst his stock is high. If you look at some of the clubs in the league that need centre halves, there’ll be plenty of candidates for Colley. 
    • The data: Colley isn’t really pulling up trees but could definitely be an interesting pick up for someone looking for a steady scorer. His last 15 has seen him hit an average of 56. He’s not going to be setting the world alight any time soon but most definitely could be a good pick up if the price is right. 

Emil Audero

  • Emil Audero is another promising young keeper owned by Juve. The problem is he may actually go back to Juve and be an understudy to whoever is number 1 next season, be it Donnarumma or their current number 1 Szczesny. He’s an athletic keeper who’s been linked with top clubs in the past but there’s a good possibility that Juve keep him and either continue farming him out or make him their number 2. 
    • The data: Audero is at the age and profile that if he was sitting in front of a better defence, he’d be a highly sought after SO5 player. But if you consider the fact that Samp has a pretty average defence with the fact he may well be a number 2 next season, it’s a tough one. What makes it tougher is the fact he’s very young for a keeper and his scores are fairly good. His L15 sits at 50 and has hit 70+ in 4 of his last 18 scores, a 1 in 4.5 hit rate which is nothing to be sniffed at. A solid keeper who will improve and would be better in front of a good defence, but definitely keep your eye on his transfer movements this summer. 

Mikkel Damsgaard

  • Mikkel Damsgaard is someone who Samp fans are pretty excited about. The Danish international has emphaised just how good Sampdoria’s scouting network is, and someone in Serie A or Europe will pay a pretty decent fee for him at some point soon. He has 2 goals and 4 assists in 17 starts in Serie A this season and should hit at least 25+ starts next season. 
    • The data: The lack of starts and very consistent sub appearances mean his scores aren’t particularly impressive but again pretty consistent for a 20 year old who isn’t a sure starter yet. His x total PPG comes up at 26 which is pretty measly but again the sample size is small and he’s definitely got a few scouts in Italy excited. Expect his scores to improve next season with more starts.

Best Sorare Serie A Players: Udinese

Udinese are another team comfortably mid table. Led by the main man Rodrigo De Paul, one of the best players in Serie A – Udinese were never in danger of relegation. Similarly to Sampdoria, they know when and how to sell and will definitely recycle this summer to make a good run at the 10-8th positions next season.

Rodrigo De Paul

  • Rodrigo De Paul is The name on every manager’s lips. The 26 year old has been Udinese’s best player for a while and one of the best creative midfielders in Europe. 8 goals and 7 assists in 31 appearances this season in Serie A, he is Udinese’s top scorer and- assister this season. He’s a sublime footballer with a mean streak who is very intense. It’s obvious why Bielsa’s Leeds wanted him – he’s absolutely tailor made for the Premier League. There is a chance he stays in Serie A however with Inter sniffing around for a player that can play at the 6, 8, out wide or in the hole. 

Rodrigo De Paul Data

  • The data: I mean it’s very, very good. His scores are Hans Vanaken level at the age of 26 with the possibility of moving to a more dominant team. Now talisman’s theory here means that a move to say Inter wouldn’t necessarily means he continues his elite scoring, but he does seem to be that type of player who will make the step up with ease. For example if he’d gone to Leeds in the summer, he would have been their best player by a mile. If you consider how good Bamford and Raphina have been this season, that’s no mean feat. RDP’s expected ppg comes out at 66.16 which means believe it or not he’s actually underperforming on average when it comes to his scores. If we compare that to his SO5 average scores per game this season which sits at 63.99, there’s a touch of improvement to come perhaps. Over the last year he’s only hit under 50 points 6 times. He’s hit 80 or more 11 times. He’s hit 90 or more 5 times, De Paul is a machine who at 26 could scarily get better. 30% of his performances yield 95% percentile scores…don’t be surprised to see Tadic level output from this guy over the next 2 seasons.

Jayden Braaf

  • Jayden Braaf is someone that is incredibly highly rated by a lot of coaches and scouts in England. Many have said that at the same age, Sancho wasn’t as good – which is pretty high praise considering he is one of the best u21 talents in world football. Braaf could be in the premier league next season with Watford but for now he’s plying his trade with Udinese and scored his first professional goal this weekend just gone. A serious talent.
    • The data: He’s 18 and has very limited minutes under his belt so it’s super tough to make anything from the data at hand. Managers will likely have to use the eye test for the City youth product. It’ll be interesting to see where he ends up in the future! 

Juan Musso

  • Juan Musso is another very well aged Goalkeeper in Serie A. This bundle of clubs that has joined has certainly added some reasonable choices to managers in between the sticks. Musso has the 3rd most clean sheets this season and led Serie A in clean sheets last season. He’s been a top 5 goalkeeper in Serie A over the last 3 seasons. 
    • The data: If you take out Musso’s last 5 games where Udinese have been on a torrid run – he’s a pretty consistent scorer. He has 14 scores over 60 over the last year and considering how frequently he keeps clean sheets you can see why. Another young keeper for managers to keep their eyes on