Best France EURO 2021 Fantasy Football Picks – Sorare

Kylian Mbappe

Best France EURO 2021 Fantasy Football Picks – Sorare

Sorare has just announced for the summer the structure of their new global tournament. The European season has just finished but that does not mean our European cards are going to sit on the shelf gathering dust. We now have the new Global League that will include, Euro 2020, Copa America and Euro U21 fixtures. This is the first time that Sorare cards have been used for international fixtures and represents an exciting time. This article will profile some of the most exciting players at these tournaments. First up we will be looking at Sorare Cards available for Euro 2020.

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Kylian Mbappe – France – Euro 2020 – Sorare

The king of Sorare! I have waited a long time to type that not sure why I have waited so long to write something about Mbappe. His cards change hands for significant sums of money, the last time one of his Super Rares went on sale at auction it went for just shy of £60k when or 58.568 ETH. His rares have been seen to go for £20K, this young man does serious numbers. He may be pretty obvious, but all my picks won’t be. This is just a pretty selfish pick as I wanted to write something about him. So please indulge me whilst I write a little about Mbappe and his role for France.

Its been a strange season for PSG as they have not won the league, losing out on the last day of the season to Lille. However Mbappe has been in lethal form with 44 goals across all competitions; he scored 27 of those on the league. The young French forward is fast becoming the poster boy of world football. But will he do the business for France this summer? Let’s take a closer look at his role for the national team.

The King of Paris

First I want to say that I do think France will be there or thereabouts when it comes to winning this tournament. The amount of talent they have and also the depth is absolutely insane, French football is certainly booming. If France are to succeed then you would imagine its because of this talented young man. He has 16 goals in 42 games for France not an amazing record especially when you consider the amount of talent in this squad. However I think the inclusion of Benzema in the squad will really bring the best out of Mbappe. We have seen it time and again at Mardrid that Benzema was deployed in such a way to get the best out or Cristiano Ronaldo.

Benzema’s inclusion should he start will allow the French to play 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 but also 4-4-2 which looking at the data for their matches is Deschamps preferred system. Mbappe has played 4 times for the national team in the last year but only one 90 minutes; he played 253 minutes across the 4 games and managed a goal and assist in that time. He still managed to average 3.3 shots per game with an accuracy of 44.4%; with his xG 0.53.

I imagine he will play from the left, but given Benzema’s propensity to drift to the left hand half-spaces this will give Mbappe plenty opportunity to get to the centre. I expect that he will register some monster scores across the tournament.

Karim Benzema – France – Euro 2020 – Sorare

I have to say Benzema’s inclusion in the squad came as a surprise, there is no doubt in my mind that on footballing ability Benzema deserves to be there, but this is his first inclusion since 2015 due his arrest over alleged blackmail of a former teammate. Benzema has been at the top of his game for a number of years, I don’t think anyone knows right now if he will start but he will make an excellent foil for Mbappe if he does. Given the last time Benzema played for the national team was in 2015, its difficult to surmise how he will stack up in the 2021 version of the national team. But we can look at his data from Real Madrid for this season.

This Real Madrid team went close to winning the title pushing Atletico all the way to the final game of the season. I think it is fair to say that this side is still in transition, they have some really good young players and they are yet to see the best of Eden Hazard. Benzema though carried this team and finished their top scorer with 23 league goals in 34 starts and 30 goals across all competitions.

The Data

AS you can see the from the shot map above, Benzema gets through a fair amount of work in the box. He managed 153 shots last season Real Madrid averaging 3.5 per game. 45.1% of those found the target, he averaged an xG of 0.57 and scored 0.66 goals per ninety minutes a slight over performance.

He is not just a goalscorer he creates a fair amount of chances too. He weighed in with 9 assists on top of his goals or 0.21 assists per game; his xA was 0.15 another slight over performance. He averaged 0.89 crosses per game too finding his man 38% of the time. This helped him toward creating 1.15 shot assists per game.

As you can see from the graphic above his Sorare scores for Real Madrid are very good. He will set you back a princely sum however around 0.85 eth at the time of writing. His L5 average is 55, his L10 is 61 and L40 is 62. When it comes to Sorare he really does rack up the points. The big question is will he start? Its a difficult one, France have an embarrassment of riches up front and Deschamps really does love Giroud. Personally I think Benzema is the best foil for Mbappe, all eyes will be on the friendlies.

Benjamin Pavard – France – Euro 2020 – Sorare

Its hard to find value in this French team, all the players available on Sorare are obvious picks and priced accordingly. However if you are tempted to try and make a Champion Europe team for next season whilst getting some utility in the Euros then Pavard could be your man.

He is still a sizeable outlay but in relative terms of ETH and potential yields I think its a competitive price (currently 0.370 eth at time of writing). France don’t play some reincarnation of prime Barcelona under Pep Guardiola, they’re defensively solid, look to dominate the midfield battles and get the ball as quickly as possible. Pavard will be key in the attacking phase and trying to create overloads on the flanks.

In the latter half of this season he has scored relatively well for Bayern. Due to the difference in playstyles between Bayern Munich and France it is difficult to ascertain if these scores will carry to the national team. However if I was to gamble on one of the defenders it would be Pavard.

He played two games for the national team back in March, against Ukraine and Bosnia-Herzegovinia respectively and he played well. Key takeaways from a Sorare perspective with the data are that he managed 1 shot but missed the target. He created 5 shots, 2 against Bosnia-Herzegovina and 3 against Ukraine at an average of 0.17 xA. 5.27 crosses per game finding his man 36.4% of the time. Passing wise he made 111/122 against the Ukraine and 51/58 against Bosnia-Herzegovina. I have included above the passmap from the Ukraine match and can also tell you he attempted 20 passes to the final third and made 19 of those.

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