Atletico Mineiro: Sorare Overview and Prospects

Atletico Mineiro: Hulk

Atletico Mineiro: Sorare Overview and Prospects

The latest team to join Sorare has just been announced, Atletico Mineiro are the the latest team to be added to the growing fantasy football platform. This is huge news as it is the first Brazilian team to be added. Cryptocurrencies are really popular popular in Brazil and with football being the national sport of the country this feels like a match made in heaven. This article will give you the rundown of Brazil and a couple of players to look out for at auction.

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Atletico Mineiro – An Introduction

If you are not to knowledgeable on Brazilian football then there is a few things to go over before we get going. The schedule for a Brazilian team, especially if they are involved in either or both of the continental competitions is nothing short of horrendous. Domestically they have the Brazilian top flight division named Serie A; they also have the Capo do Brasil which is the domestic cup competition. All Brazilian teams are also involved in the Brazilian State Championships for their respective regions also which can range from anywhere from 8 to over 20 extra games. The State Championship consists of teams from the region from all tiers of the Brazilian football pyramid. Most State Championships are older than Brazilian domestic league itself and are steeped in tradition.

The Brazilian State Championships usually start at the beginning of the calendar year, Atletico Mineiro are in the Capeonata Mineiro. They have a good record in the competition and have contested every final since 2006 winning 7 of those. Unfortunately for SO5 this competition is not scored. However, teams do use it to help develop youngsters and can be useful to track especially if you are playing the long game on Sorare.

Serie A competition is scheduled to start on 30th May and will run till the end of the year. Brazilian football faced significant disruptions due to Covid 19 so if you end up investing significantly in Mineiro NFT’s it would pay to keep up to date with the latest situation.

Fixture Considerations

What you have to consider with Brazilian teams is that Brazil itself is the size of a continent. The travel times involved between fixtures for some teams can be significantly long. The best comparison I can make is when one of the Premier League teams has an away leg in European competition at the other side of Europe. This happens week to week happening for Brazilian teams. Also the fixtures come thick and fast too if you are involved at the top end of competitions, teams could probably pay for transfers with air miles.

Once you also throw Copa Libertadores or the Copa Sudamericana, the continental competitions and that teams can potentially play in both within the same calendar year its no joke that teams can rack up a serious amount of games. However as it stands you only have the 2 competitions that are eligible for scoring; Capeonato Brasileiro Serie A and Copa Libertadores currently the competitions that are eligible for SO5. However Copa Sudamericana winners qualify for Copa Libertadores; it pays to keep up to date with that competition too for all South American teams.

Serie A is your generic domestic league with the top 6 teams qualifying for the Copa Libertadores; the top 4 go straight into the group phase and the 5th and 6th placed teams start in the qualifying phase which is important as Copa Libertadores is only eligible for scoring from the group phase onwards.

Hulk: Atletico Mineiro Sorare

Probably the biggest name in their squad, he may be at the back end of his career however he isn’t ready to ride off into the sunset just yet. He is at the ripe old age of 34 and after signing for Shanghai SIPG in 2016 for north of £45m he has chosen to come back home to Brazil and sign a 2 year deal with Ateltico Mineiro. I suspect his card will be extremely popular with users. He has started the season off in good form and is rolling back the years to prime Hulk. The powerful forward currently has 5 goals in his last 3 games, 4 of which coming in the Copa Libertadores.

Hulk currently has played 12 games so far this season for Atletico Mineiro; however only 3 have come in the Copa Libertadores; the remaining 9 were in the The State Championship. You have to be wary when evaluating the statistics from The State Championships for any team in Brazil. You can genuinely have the equivalent of a top 6 Premier League side playing a League Two team.

Rolling Back The Years

Hulk Heat Map For So Far This Season

However the important thing is that he is playing and he is scoring. However with this caveat in mind I am only going to include the stats from the 3 Libertadores matches. He has 4 goals, in the 3 matches; managing to get 4.26 shots per game, recording an xG of 0.88, with 4.74 touches in the penalty area. One of these goals was from the penalty spot, which again is another tick in the box. He has largely played as a centre forward in these matches but has also played on the right too.

From an SO5 perspective in those 3 matches he has scored 29, 76 and 90 respectively. He is also creating chances as well as finishing them as he has 1 assist and and is averaging an xA of 0.22. I think it is fair to say as it stands Hulk is a key man for Mineiro. I expect given his level of fame and current performances he will go for a princely sum at auction. His level of performance however is almost certainly not sustainable and he will not be scoring 2 matches per game.

Also given how gruelling the Brazilian schedule is as discussed earlier the the hard part is going to be predicting when Hulk will get rests as he almost certainly won’t play every game. He will be an interesting card to own however though as I suspect when he does get extended runs in the team he will be a heavy scorer as Atletico Mineiro hope to mount a title challenge.

Guilherme Arana: Atletico Mineiro Sorare

The left back is somewhat of a points machine when it comes to Sorare. Arana regularly scoring above 60 which is absolutely brilliant for a full-back considering how the matrix can negatively impact them sometimes. Looking at his numbers and positioning it appears that Arana typical modern Brazilian full-back

He spends more time in the opposition half than his own and has some pretty steady attacking output. He averages 0.28 goal contributions per game last season and ended up with 6 goals an d 8 assists. Looking at his heat map he is a very attacking left back and likes to play in the inverted role too.

SO5 wise this kid seems magic in his last 5 alone he has averaged 74 points. His last 40 his average has been 57 and has played 98% of the games. He performs more or less bang on his xG of 0.11 averaging 0.12 goals. Certaily one to keep an eye on at auction.

He is a creative fullback creating 1.55 shots per game; he also manages to have 1.5 shots per game too. Other noticeable stats for SO5 are that he manages just over 6 crosses per match and on average 1.74 touches in the penalty area. Given all the attacking facets of his game no wonder the matrix loves him.

Guga: Atletico Mineiro

Guga is the full-back who plays on the other side of the pitch for Mineiro. His scores are just ever so slightly below Aruna however he still scores pretty tidily. Guga is also 2 years younger than Aruna; he also has a Portuguese passport by all accounts so a move to Europe could be a real prospect if a team fancies him.

As you can see from the shot map above Guga does not have as many shots as Aruna; the stats would promote that he is not as attacking. In his career Guga averged 0.52 shots per game, he also only managed 0.04 goals coming in at 0.05 xG. He also average just over 3 crosses per game that find their man 36.6% of the time. One to watch for sure!

Thanks for reading! New to Sorare check out our beginners guide before and you are new to the game you should check that out here.