8 Lessons Sorare Taught Me In The Last 12 Months

8 Lessons Sorare Taught Me In The Last 12 Months

It is always important to review and reflect, especially when there is money involved. I have been involved in the blockchain game Sorare for a little over a year. Having seen this fantasy football platform change so much in my time on-boarded and my gallery has changed significantly over this period too. I have had great fun and become risk free too in that time. So without further ado here are the 8 lessons that Sorare taught me in the last 12 months.

Just want to say as my opening statement much of this is just my opinion and meant with the best intentions

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1. Play The Long Game!

I think by far the best way to play Sorare is to plan for the long term and getting the cards of players you think will rocket in terms of value. Even though I am saying play the long game that could be over the span of a season. I often find that people put too much value in the last 5 average; also what is going on in the the short term a bit too much. You can use this to your advantage I have found and I have sold players into the FOMO and bought injured or out of favour players. The Sorare ecosystem is relatively small so does not take much to squeeze prices up but more on that later.

2. Do Your Own Research

This lesson is really important and I have been caught out on this a few times. I have bought a few players on a whim and not doing my due diligence. An example of this is that I bought Ao Tanaka for my Under 23 team a few weeks before his move to Dusseldorf a team not covered on the matrix. It did not occur to me that he might move in the summer transfer window.

If I had looked into this properly I would have seen that he was angling for a move abroad. He had recently changed his agent to one based in Europe. He could have moved to a team that is covered by Opta however its not to say he would have scored the monster scores he was getting for Frontale. Once the move to Dusseldorf was confirmed his price tanked immediately from £900 (around 0.7 ETH at the time I think) to £200 and currently you can pick up for around £100.

He is a player I will be keeping an eye on and it would not surprise me if his price drops under £100. If he looks good at Dusseldorf and they look like they might get promoted I will likely pick one or two up. Like I said at lesson number 1 play the long game.

3. Plan Your Gallery

One of the reasons Sorare has blown up so much is because these NFTs have utility. The utility is based on SO5 and the ability to win ETH and further cards, so open a spreadsheet and plan your teams. There is a collection side of this game and the SO5 side of this game; as much as you may want to buy all your favourite players it does not hurt to make sure you have a team to put him in.

4. Learn The Scoring Matrix

There are so many nuances in the scoring matrix and it can seem quite intimidating. However us here at Sorare Hub have broken down the SO5 scoring matrix you can find that here here. The amount of people who do not understand the matrix who I speak to is scary. Some people think that just looking at scores is enough, however personally think its important to understand how they achieved those scores.

I myself have not done enough due diligence at times when I thought that I had to move fast at an auction. I looked up a certain Martin Caceres on Sorare Data and thought that was enough, however after I bought and looked more closely at his scored he had 3 goals in his last 5 games, although he did have some handy baseline scores, the most recent ones where not sustainable. A Failure of lesson number 2 also there.

5. Use the volatility of Ethereum to your advantage

Some people are pegged to the FIAT value of their card some people the ETH value. Where this is the case you really need to use this to your advantage before the market becomes more efficient. I tend to sit on my players a long time and do not do a lot of trading. However when I do, do some trading I tend to value my players ETH I guess, but I also just try and see what the market is doing at that point in time. But then at the same time my end game is how many pounds do I have in my balance so its difficult.

Something I do, however when I am trading, is when Ethereum drops in price the market usually corrects to the FIAT value of what the card was before the drop in my experience. If I think ETH might rise in price I will list my card for a lower FIAT value; but would be similar ETH price then when ETH rises I’m sat on a bigger FIAT value. Also the other people are likely still trying to sell their cards. Its not a science and ETH might even tank further when you do this. I have had times however were I have profited from just holding the ETH in my balance too.

I am not saying do the same as me as this style may not work for you and you may not even agree with my approach. But what I am saying is keep an eye on the price of ETH its your best friend and you should use it to your advantage.

6. Get Yourself On The Discord

There is the main Sorare discord where you can discuss the game with the wider community and also keep up to date with all the latest announcements. You also join our discord too, we have tools planned for it and its a really nice little community. Click the big “Join Our Discord” button at the top of the page for the latest link.

Sometimes the only way to get deals done is being on the main discord and attaching it to your Sorare account. It allows people to find you and DM you about making deals. Its really come in handy for me at times

7. Do Not Suffer Fools When Negotiating

As much as I think that the Discord is an extremely useful tool when negotiating, you should not just accept whatever deal someone asks of you. I genuinely like doing deals and seeing as I got on the platform at a good time in June last year I have profited from just being an early adopter so I do not mind giving people some discount. That being said the amount of times I get DM’d about someone I have not listed with this ” X player’s last sell price was X amount, I want to buy yours.” is mad especially when the one listed is much higher. I am certain you will have all had similar messages. Well I am going to share with you how to respond to this and a good negotiating negotiating tactic.

First things first always, always check the pricing history on Sorare Data and the latest transfer news. His price may have spiked because he has moved clubs or scoring better. Some people try to pull a fast one sadly too and quote the monthly price which may be lower than the 3 day price. Once you have done this you reply like this if you want to sell that is.

A lesson in true value

” The last traded price is x amount, the lowest listed price is x amount. You may only want to pay the last traded amount but the true value is between that and the current lowest listed card which is x amount. What we are negotiating is where we land between these two values. “

Some people will be put off with this reply but some people will be more interested in negotiating. The likelihood is you did not want to sell in the first place so its not an issue. If they try and persist with the lowest traded price rhetoric link them the lowest priced card and tell them to go negotiate with them.

I think people probably hate dealing with me when it comes to making deals but if someone has not listed a player I am not sure why people think I would sell for cheaper than he may be worth. The true value for me really is between the lowest listed card and the card value price on Sorare Data; especially if I have not even listed the bloody card haha! People just want to get a good deal and I can appreciate but there is a different way to do business.

8. Take time to understand the Sorare ecosystem

It is a really delicate beast the Sorare ecosystem and we saw what a small influx of users did to the prices of players. It seems it is always cheaper to buy players in the close-season and in the immediate weeks a season ends. If you are playing the long game like I suggested in lesson one then this is when you should absolutely look to do business if you are patient.

I absolutely understand that people want to jump in and start earning rewards and ETH straight away. Dependant on when in the year you also joined up this may also not be possible. But if you do jump in straight away you should always be planning. Signing players at their cheapest price should always be on your radar.

Also be aware of the economics of supply and demand in the Sorare-sphere, I could write a full article on this but I will keep it short and sweet. When a club is first on-boarded, is when prices are usually at peak, as more of them find their way to the secondary the prices usually start to come down a bit. The caveat is of course that you have them before other people do and have a differential going into SO5.

Obviously exceptions to this like when a player has an explosion in form or an U23 player suddenly becomes a starter. I am just talking in general terms here, like I said I could write a full article on this and I might!

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